AU Elementary Spanish-Chapter 2-Hufstedler

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AU-Elementary Spanish- Chapter 5 Vocab.

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AU-Elementary Spanish-Chapter 6 Vocab.

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AU- Elementary Spanish- Chap. 3 Vocab.

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AU-Elementary Spanish-Chapter 1 Vocab.

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AU-Elementary Spanish-Chapter 7 (spatial references, time)

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Elementary Unit 1B

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Ser Unit #4 - Describing People - Spanish to English

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Weather and seasons

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Things in the classroom

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Classroom commands

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ESL Phrases (Spanish)

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Ordinal numbers

By DLSolution_CanadaTEACHER
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Daily Routine

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Elementary - Vocabulary Unit 5 (revision)

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Numbers 1-20

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Numbers 1-15

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Elementary Spanish 1

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Cosas en la escuela

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Elementary - Vocabulary Unit 5 (Part 1)

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80 Irregular ESL Verbs

80 terms by MrRouseTEACHER

Los colores (the colors)

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EAL A2: Irregular Verbs (Simple Past)

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Voc Unit 5 Elementary

By Vivian_Gex
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ESL Body Parts

By mrsj147
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Spanish for Children A - Chapter 9

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New Hotline Plus Elementary Unit 1

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Unit 1 - Countries and people

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New hotline elementary 5

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Spanish for Children A - Chapter 9

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La familia

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By natedanielsTEACHER
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Spanish Color Terms

12 terms by ROQUED

Contact Information Vocabulary Spanish

By Jenni_Parker-Adib
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French greetings/introductions

By faithspanishTEACHER
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New hotline elementary unit 1

By ryborM
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English Irregular Verbs - Present & Past Tense

By english-with-bethanyTEACHER
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First Elementary MUED Test

By angela_dianne_church
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NHLE+ 05Vocabulary TRAVEL

By VSCOAnimationAnglaisTEACHER
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Motif Module 4

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New hotline elementary unit 1

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Les écoles

By Emily_Norkol
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By VSCOAnimationAnglaisTEACHER
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