Automobile French Vocab.

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Automobile French Vocab

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Farm Animals (French-English)

24 terms By jh1954 Teacher

Describing the Family (French-English)

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Jobs & Professions Vocabulary (French-English)

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Describing Self and Others (French-English)

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Listening for Directions (French-English)

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Explaining One's Daily Routine (French-English)

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News & the Media Vocabulary (French-English)

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Clothes & Accessories Vocabulary (French-English)

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Health Phrases (French-English)

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Environment Vocabulary (French-English)

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être -- the ten phrases French / English of "to be"

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Technology Vocabulary (French-English)

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Shops & Shopping Vocabulary (French-English)

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Fr 1 Days of the week-French/English

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Interrogative Words and Verbs (French-English)

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Taking Care of the Home (French-English)

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Restaurant Vocabulary (French-English)

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Automobile Parts English Arabic

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Car/Automobile Vocabulary - American English/French

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Education Vocabulary (French-English)

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Getting to Know Someone (French-English)

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Buying a Home (French-English)

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1-99 numbers French-English

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Systèmes automobiles

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Automobile Industry vocabulary

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Basic Phrases French-English

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French Automobile Vocabulary

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automobile terminology

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automobile parts

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French / English greeting - flash card 2015

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Chapter 7 Automobiles

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French English relations

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French - English Cognates

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