Aux magasins (At the shops)

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French: Aux Magasins- At The Shop

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la soupe aux billes chez Pipiri

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Endroits (to the/at the)

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Chez le médecin - at the doctor's

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Acheter aux grands magasins

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Aux magasins-The shops

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Aux magasins (In the shops)

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Aux petits commerces

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Partir à at, en, aux

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SHS Y8 Aux Magasins - list of shops

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Au/Aux (At the, to the, in the)

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F1: Chapitre 6: TO/AT A PLACE

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To the, At the, In the

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French 1: at the, to the, in the

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Chez le médecin - at the doctor's

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Passetemps- single verbs

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Unité 3 Aller à

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Unit 51. How to agree using "so / neither "

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Contractions with à

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Contractions with à

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Questions and phrases

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Vocab 2

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Aller et le futur proche

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