Basic Facts - Adding through 5

By ssanchez09
15 terms by ssanchez09

Basic Facts - Adding to 9 and 10

By ssanchez09
15 terms by ssanchez09

Basic Adding

By aememmer
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Adding "The" To Basic Spanish Words

By joemoe2
10 terms by joemoe2

Basic Adding by 9

By MathPlusTutoring123
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Basic Adding and Subtracting Math

By MisterShipp
22 terms by MisterShipp

Basic Adding by 9 EXPLAINED

By MathPlusTutoring123
37 terms by MathPlusTutoring123

Adding and Subtracting Negatives (Basic)

By Stephen_Harpham
20 terms by Stephen_Harpham

adding 2 Facts

By Kayla_Dobson39
17 terms by Kayla_Dobson39

Monster Adding Facts

By silverbunch7
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Adding Facts 1

By jjmckeown
20 terms by jjmckeown

Adding 3 Math facts

By Jason_Mills3
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Adding 8 math facts

By Jason_Mills3
11 terms by Jason_Mills3

Mixed facts - adding and multiplying

By Mancyteacher
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Adding 2 Math facts

By Jason_Mills3
22 terms by Jason_Mills3

Adding 6 math facts

By Jason_Mills3
11 terms by Jason_Mills3

Adding 7 math facts

By Jason_Mills3
11 terms by Jason_Mills3

Adding 9 math facts

By Jason_Mills3
11 terms by Jason_Mills3

Adding One Math Facts

By tgsgrade1
17 terms by tgsgrade1

Adding Zero Math Facts

By tgsgrade1
20 terms by tgsgrade1

Adding 2 math facts

By tgsgrade1
17 terms by tgsgrade1

addition facts adding two

By rozmka
10 terms by rozmka

basic facts

By noragarciahouston
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Basic Adding: +1's

By colton_chu
11 terms by colton_chu

Alex's adding facts

By v21161758
10 terms by v21161758

math facts adding 2

By Joliver08
10 terms by Joliver08

Math adding 6 facts

By A2kids
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Adding 0 facts

By annaschlater
10 terms by annaschlater

adding and subtracting basic numbers

By CH0221
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Basic Facts

By skopecky5
11 terms by skopecky5

Basic Facts

By Richard_Gillespie
10 terms by Richard_Gillespie

Basic Facts

By Paolini4
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Basic facts

By sonjavoe
8 terms by sonjavoe

AD snapshots facts

By chris_mclennan
9 terms by chris_mclennan

math facts: adding and subtraction positives

By Dan_Broekhuis
43 terms by Dan_Broekhuis

Addition Facts Strategy: Adding 4

By Christina_Barry
10 terms by Christina_Barry

Math Facts Practice Adding and Subtracting

By Nikki_Heckel
30 terms by Nikki_Heckel

Basic Fact

By Celina-Rae
26 terms by Celina-Rae

Basic facts

By tildeapel
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Basic facts.

By KenzieKaye
45 terms by KenzieKaye

Basic facts

By Whelan4
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Basic fact

By lennox_fakalanu
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Basic fact

By olivia_dw9
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Basic Facts

By Zach_NE
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Basic facts

By Charity_Hopper
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Basic Facts:

By Nathalie_Kaiser
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Basic facts

By sadie_sharrett
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Basic facts

By allie_privitt
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Basic Facts

By sydney_ing1
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Basic facts

By Ludvig_Etsare
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