Basic German adjectives

25 terms By Talboo Teacher

Basic German Vocabulary - Weather

42 terms By i_love_languages_19

Foods, basic, German, VGR, with basic opinion

15 terms By MFLatBSCS Teacher

Basic German Words (Fruit & Vegetable)

38 terms By jangbo1025

Basic German

48 terms By voxorb

Basic German Vocab. 251-300

50 terms By rparent62

Basic German Vocab. 301-350

50 terms By rparent62

Basic German Vocab. 351-400

50 terms By rparent62

Basic German Vocab. 201-250

50 terms By rparent62

Basic German Adjectives

30 terms By Bomby

Mr. Gingrich's German Class (Basic German)

19 terms By ItsFurness

Mein Haus week 1, basics, German, VGR

20 terms By MFLatBSCS Teacher

KS2: Very Basic German

10 terms By cutchie

Basic German

107 terms By ajpfahnl

Basic German survival phrases

50 terms By BurgateMFL Teacher

Basic German Terms

31 terms By Zlore85

Basic German

25 terms By Cooleyhigh

Basics: German phrases

36 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

4 Langenscheidt Basic German Vocab

53 terms By HerrStoller Teacher

13. 6 Langenscheidt Basic German Vocab

135 terms By HerrStoller Teacher

Basic German Verbs #2

32 terms By Jack_Clay

FSI Basic German Unit 5

83 terms By FrauCleary

Basic German Pets

8 terms By Your_Death_Is_Now

Basics: German Time Expressions

73 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

Basic German

223 terms By AngryAlex

Basics: German Numbers 0-20

21 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

basic German words and phrases - set 1

38 terms By gumblossom

Basic German Verbs

96 terms By tcbds_live_the_dream

Basics: German phrases for class

20 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

Basic German- To English 1-A

38 terms By No1sPerfect

Basic (German 1)

44 terms By Kristina_M_Hoffman

Basic German 1

12 terms By lhuanglhu

Basic German

3 terms By isr-gui

Basic German

11 terms By shearobert

Basic German Sports

25 terms By beret05

Basic German verbs

25 terms By vdraper Teacher

Basics: German country names and capitals

52 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

Basic German Vocab - 1.1 Der K├Ârper

45 terms By brianwaldorf

Basic German Nouns, Set 2 (Animals)

11 terms By yopapajames

Basic German

25 terms By whipback

Basic German

61 terms By lizzy_klein4

Basic German

6 terms By sebastian755

PMP: Basic German 46 Numbers

49 terms By BAMV

Present Tense Regular Conjugation of Basic German verbs

45 terms By Frau_Knapp Teacher

Basic German Words and Numbers 1-10

17 terms By r_logue

Basic German Vocab

38 terms By eck185892

Basic German Verbs #1 by TK

120 terms By Panchart01

Basic German Adjectives

29 terms By Nisal_Jayaneththi

Basic German Phrases

13 terms By redeemed95

Willkommen Basic German Vocabulary

85 terms By djolltax