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2nd Grade - Beijing & NYC 北京和纽约

17 terms By janetkangliu Teacher

Unit 1--NYC and Beijing

12 terms By Samantha_Huang3 Teacher

2nd Grade - Beijing Landmarks 北京地标建筑

6 terms By janetkangliu Teacher

IL Introducing Beijing Opera

20 terms By wchou Teacher

Smog makes Beijing put sunrise on giant TV_Level_1_vocabulary

30 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula Teacher

The Man from Beijing (Lorena, Dennis) - OK

62 terms By dcprobst Teacher

G5 Dialogue-Visit BeiJing

20 terms By YalingW Teacher

Sentence Pattern_Dialogue_Visit Beijing

15 terms By jinlaoshi_nl Teacher

G3 Beijing Tourist Attractions

8 terms By Sarahzhang

11CH: 11. Beijing - Key Sentences

20 terms By hamishparker Teacher

30Oct2015_Trip to Beijing

36 terms By professionalmandarin Teacher

Vocabulary 7_tour beijing

30 terms By Qiuhong_Zhang Teacher

hanyu 4 1.1 i'm from Beijing

26 terms By etoeh

Beijing Opera

12 terms By laoshilinda Teacher

Lesson 20 Dialogue 2: Arriving in Beijing

8 terms By Tingting_Zhang Teacher

Smog makes Beijing put sunrise on giant TV_Level_3

36 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula Teacher

11. I'm not from Beijing.

8 terms By erinbhouston

Chinese Made Easy 2 Lesson 5: Beijing's weather in autumn is the best 北京的秋天天气最好

16 terms By tbrassington Teacher

11CH: 11. Beijing 北京 - Vocab

28 terms By hamishparker Teacher

10. Are you from Beijing?

8 terms By erinbhouston

MS7B --Lesson 5, Autumn is the best season in Beijing

19 terms By erica_sm_liu Teacher

Song: Beijing Welcomes You 歌:北京欢迎你

116 terms By weiweizang Teacher

Smog makes Beijing put sunrise on giant TV_Level_0_vocabulary

35 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula Teacher

Beijing Spaghetti Vocab

23 terms By Anna_Woods Teacher

Smog makes Beijing put sunrise on giant TV_LEVEL_3_phrases

38 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula Teacher

Smog makes Beijing put sunrise on giant TV_Level_3_vocabulary

36 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula Teacher

Unit of inquiry Beijing landmarks

10 terms By impp516

Lesson 19 Dialogue 1 Traveling to Beijing

22 terms By Tingting_Zhang Teacher

Beijing-Related Words - Reversible List with Characters and Pinyin

120 terms By China_Int_Travel_CA

5.1 Is this Beijing? (sentences)

8 terms By Huyan_Laoshi

Beijing-Related Words - Reversible List with Pinyin and English

119 terms By China_Int_Travel_CA

北京老字号商店 Beijing old store

25 terms By gfangyi Teacher