Protein Synthesis & Gene Mutations

50 terms By Glenda_Mosley

Protein Synthesis & Gene Mutations Affixes

27 terms By Glenda_Mosley

Protein Synthesis, Mutations & Gene expression

56 terms By alexk1498

DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis, and Gene Expression (Bio 1 H)

51 terms By JamieChen1125

BIO 2 Unit 10 Protein Synthesis

18 terms By mpburke Teacher

PreAP Bio: DNA and Protein Synthesis

40 terms By jmhherpetology Teacher

Ap Bio Vocab Protein Synthesis

29 terms By DylonQuiros

Protein Synthesis

39 terms By barnhardtge Teacher

Gene Expression and Protein Synthesis

74 terms By elizabeth11wilson

AP Bio: Protein synthesis

16 terms By Selma_Caliskan Teacher

Protein Synthesis/Gene Expression

6 terms By cltee3 Teacher

Ch. 22 Gene Expression: II Protein Synthesis and Sorting

40 terms By Yuckmnda

Bio 275 Chapter 22: Gene Expression- Protein synthesis and sorting

48 terms By alexandra_harris75

Bio- Protein Synthesis & Gene Expression

39 terms By Wesman13s

Chapter 14: Gene Activity (protein synthesis)

34 terms By xoxodorothy

RNA, Protein Synthesis, Mutation, Genes

28 terms By Jennifer_Smith3 Teacher


31 terms By dogluvr7

Gene Expression -> protein synthesis

26 terms By janethgenerios

Chapter 13: RNA and Protein Synthesis

27 terms By jasonwesleycox Teacher

Ch.10: DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis

42 terms By APCentral

Protein Synthesis

10 terms By Teri_Sardinia Teacher

Unit 6 - Protein Synthesis and Biotechnology

27 terms By MrsTLReeves

Protein Synthesis & Gene Expression

33 terms By Ariana58

AP Bio DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis, and Gene Regulation

39 terms By quizlette6933525

Honors Bio- DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis and Bio Tech FINAL

37 terms By Spahr23

Gene Technonlgy/Protein Synthesis

40 terms By WestsideScience

Protein Synthesis & DNA

24 terms By debrajohnson

Bio Chem II Final: Protein synthesis and Gene regulation

34 terms By marykate_pfister

From Gene to Protein: Protein Synthesis

69 terms By ClaireMacMillan

Bio 12 DNA Replication/Protein Synthesis

19 terms By Darrin_Austin Teacher

Nucleic Acid, Replication, Protein Synthesis, Gene Expression, Mutations

30 terms By shifarajwani

DNA gene expression protein synthesis jr

29 terms By janethgenerios

Protein synthesis, Mutations, and gene expression

30 terms By Kaytlinn

Bio 2 DNA and Protein Synthesis

45 terms By jennifer_m_duke

Griffith University Genes and Disease Topic 6 Protein Synthesis

41 terms By EliseEternit

Genes and Protein Synthesis

47 terms By rpykare

BIO 225 Biomolecules and Protein Synthesis

120 terms By Esther_Jeong

Bio 12-3 RNA and Protein Synthesis

12 terms By spielman10 Teacher


25 terms By Janelle_Brown1

Semester 2 Bio Vocab- Protein Synthesis

5 terms By Natalie_McCallum

BIO LAB: Final - EX 9 DNA, Gene and Protein Synthesis

22 terms By Esmeralda_Gregg

Protein Synthesis & Gene Mutations

50 terms By regitschnig Teacher

RNA, Protein Synthesis, Mutation, Genes

26 terms By jsherm96

Translation Terms // Gene expression -> protein synthesis

15 terms By janethgenerios

Bio Final Review// unit 1 chapter 10&11 - protein synthesis and gene expression

21 terms By s064071

AP Bio: Protein synthesis

30 terms By szeng18

Bio Unit 5 - Protein Synthesis and Genes

11 terms By Sophie2305

gene technology, protein synthesis, gene regulation, mutations

29 terms By kenzieholers

DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis, Mutations, and Gene Regulation

46 terms By rlbaker16