Lab 2: appendicular skeleton II, A. Arm brachium ante brachium and hand

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Lab 2: appendicular C . Thigh, leg and foot

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Lab 2: appendicular B. Pelvic girdle

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Lab 2 fetal skull

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Anatomy Unit 3 Lab 2 - Muscles That Act on the Arm (Humerus), Moves Glenohumeral Joint (GH)

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Exercise 27 Biol Lab

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BIOL 1190 Lab 2

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Histology Lab Photo Quiz

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Lab: The Humerus

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Lab 2: Respiratory System Anatomy

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BIOL 121 Appendicular Bones and Bony Landmarks

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biol 224 lab-2

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T2 - Bones (Humerus)

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BIOL 121 Histology Labs 1 & 2 Vocab

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BIOL 121 Axial Skeleton Bones and Bony Landmarks

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A&P Lab #2

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biol 223 lab 2

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BIOL 225 Lab 4 (part 2: anatomy of long bones)

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Anatomy of the Humerus

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Anatomy Lab 2

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Anatomy Lab 2 Clinical Correlates

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Anatomy Lab 2

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LAB 2 - BIOL 2105E - The Cell - Anatomy and Division - The Cell - Transport

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Lab 4: Appendicular Skeleton with Girdles: Humerus

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Lab: Heart Model

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Lab: Muscles of the Thorax, Abdomen, Shoulder, and Upper Appendage: Identification

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Humerus structures

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Lab: Dissection of the Sheep Brain

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Lab: Special Senses - Eye and Ear

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Human Anatomy - Appendicular Skeleton and Bony Landmarks

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Lab: Digestive System and Alimentary Canal Models

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A&P Lab: BONES- Humerus

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GHC - Biol 241 Lab 3 Brachium - Humerus

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Lab: Parts of The Skull: Part 2

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Lab: The Pectoral Girdle

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Lab: Urinary System Models

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Articulations Lab Vocab - BIOL 121

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Lab: Respiratory System Model

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Lab: Muscles of the Hip and Lower Appendage: Identification

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Lab: Brain

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BIOL 210 Lab Exam 2- Nervous System

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Lab: The Radius and Ulna

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Lab: Blood Vessels Model

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Lab: Fetal Skull and Skull Sutures

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Lab: Female Reproductive System

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Skeletal lab identification: Humerus

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