Describing People - Advanced English for IELTS & CAE (

32 terms By Portalingo Teacher

Extreme Adjectives - Advanced Academic English for IELTS & CAE (

26 terms By Portalingo Teacher

CAE Gapped sentences

26 terms By reginajir Teacher

Similes for Describing - Advanced General English for IELTS & CAE (

23 terms By Portalingo Teacher

CAE exam course (Alexandra and Raúl)

121 terms By BarcelonaAlan Teacher

Informal & Idiomatic Adjective Phrases - Advanced General English for IELTS & CAE (portaling…

12 terms By Portalingo Teacher

CAE Expert Exam Practice: Sentence transformations

8 terms By reginajir Teacher

CAE Test 2 vocab

19 terms By Luke_J_K_Armstrong Teacher

FCE/CAE Inviting your partner to speak

8 terms By getenglish Teacher

CAE EXAM Mornings 2015

15 terms By Anglomat Teacher

CAE Gold

36 terms By Marija88


8 terms By Anglomat Teacher


25 terms By p101495

CAE Exam Folder 1

34 terms By andrea_smrckova


30 terms By morad_banks

CAE EXAM learning experience

25 terms By morad_banks

CAE Exam New Directions

28 terms By morad_banks

Communication CAE EXAM

50 terms By morad_banks

CAE vocabulary

36 terms By eldamelda1993

Phrasal Verbs CAE

122 terms By rafa90

CAE VOCAB form OxfordHouse

90 terms By farners_armengol

CAE Three

25 terms By p101495

CAE exam dependent prepositions

25 terms By dfpickup1987

CAE Exam Essentials Test 1

26 terms By evatrn

Cae Gold

10 terms By Marija88

CAE 3100 Exam 1

113 terms By trevor_johnson76

Keyword transformations CAE

187 terms By Daniel8109

Association CAE Test Terms

262 terms By dscheid

CAE Exam

183 terms By gretazeimetz

CAE exams vocabulary by Myshela

25 terms By myshela

ADV Preparation - CAE

21 terms By LukeDela

Preparation for the CAE exam

147 terms By nameless-2

CAE Exam Membership Domain

12 terms By aedover

Vocabulary CAE

323 terms By rafa90

CAE EXAM crime and other important words from unit 2B

25 terms By morad_banks


2 terms By adrianakp


155 terms By incierto16

Rewriting CAE Exams

24 terms By gnogueroles

cae exams gaps

102 terms By lyndhen

CAE exam adults 1

16 terms By alanbc

definitions CAE exam

23 terms By lyndhen


23 terms By morad_banks


155 terms By Kasia___

CAE Exam

10 terms By IzaMB

CAE Exam Essentials Test 4 Use of English

7 terms By evatrn

CAE EXAM in class

12 terms By IzaMB

Vocabulary CAE Exam 1

13 terms By gnogueroles

CAE - Exam Practise

15 terms By puehler

CAE exam 4

17 terms By daliborprecechtel


13 terms By Claudia_Navarro9