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Camin Gavy

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Caminiti TKAM vocabulary

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Chapter 3 Definitions Joseph Caminiti

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Caminé ese camino vocab

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Gramática de Camine Ese Camino

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CWI 9/13- Andrea Camin

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Kine 266 "Drugs, Sports, and the Cautionary Tale of Ken Caminiti"

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Detroit Hits Residents On Water Shut-offs Camin Gauvy 4-7-16

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Practice set

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4th NN / Viva el español / Und. 5.0 / La ciudad / Verbos "ar"

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Verbs Present Tense/ Endings

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Los verbos de AR

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¿Qué hiciste?

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Preterit Tense

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¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?

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Giving directions

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Actividades en el verano (pretérito - yo)

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Preterite: Regular -ar, -er, & -ir verbs

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Repaso: Diptongos

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¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?

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3.14.2 La ciudad / Verbos 1

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Práctica con el imperativo

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5th and 6th Grade The body / El Cuerpo

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Action Verbs

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Lernwortschatz Lektion 11 (I)

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¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?

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Combo with "Hortatio Johnson - Ch. 4 (Ropa)" and 8 others

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Teacher Spanish 4-6-16 Que hiciste anoche?

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Oxford Picture Dictionary Pg. 143 Public Safety

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¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?

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Conjugación: Pasado (Pretérito)

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Actividades de turistas en el pasado.

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¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?

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U3: El imperativo formal (Ud. commands)

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Las direcciones

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Commands ~ Los Quehaceres

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Unit 4 : Getting Around

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Commands ~ Los Quehaceres

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¿Qué hiciste ayer? - practica

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