Cantonese: Book Two (Lesson 04)

By laurawaing
29 terms by laurawaing

Cantonese: Book Two (Lesson 05)

By laurawaing
45 terms by laurawaing

Elementary Cantonese II Lesson 6

By helen_yiu
47 terms by helen_yiu

Basic Cantonese

By syo_kuchiki
42 terms by syo_kuchiki


By tiikkis
176 terms by tiikkis

CUHK - Cantonese for Beginners - Lesson 2 - In The Classroom

By SargentBen
52 terms by SargentBen


By awaite67
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Cantonese Lesson 1

By dawn_price9
22 terms by dawn_price9


By Ly_Han
451 terms by Ly_Han

Cantonese Nouns

By goldendragon345
15 terms by goldendragon345

Cantonese 5

By Cody_Sparks4u
20 terms by Cody_Sparks4u

Cantonese Survival Class Lessons 1 - 4

By HKpackerfan
160 terms by HKpackerfan

Basic Cantonese

By Gweirdo
42 terms by Gweirdo

CUHK - Cantonese for Beginners - Classroom Expressions

By SargentBen
46 terms by SargentBen


By fossaas
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By Gweirdo
451 terms by Gweirdo

Basic Cantonese

By Krista23U
42 terms by Krista23U

Cantonese Vocab

By Sam_Buback
34 terms by Sam_Buback

Cantonese Unit 1 Lesson 1

By mtodd315
30 terms by mtodd315

Cantonese Unit 1 Lesson 2

By mtodd315
55 terms by mtodd315

Cantonese Intermediate I

By gyodt
110 terms by gyodt

Cantonese Survival Class Lesson 8 (Measure words)

By HKpackerfan
30 terms by HKpackerfan

cantonese quiz 1

By Eliza_Farley
152 terms by Eliza_Farley

Colloquial Cantonese, Units 1-5

By Matt_Howard9
97 terms by Matt_Howard9

Cantonese nouns

By Amanda_Lindsay3
9 terms by Amanda_Lindsay3

Cantonese (Yale Romanization) - Random Words

By jimbobz23
778 terms by jimbobz23

Cantonese (Yale) Measure words and objects

By missing_lee
99 terms by missing_lee

Cantonese 1

By TheStereo
72 terms by TheStereo

cantonese grammar

By sillying
35 terms by sillying

Cantonese Classifiers

By marlena_lui
22 terms by marlena_lui

Cantonese measure words

By JD_Plummer
15 terms by JD_Plummer

Cantonese EDC Chapter 30

By Richp101
60 terms by Richp101

Cantonese lesson 1-3

By Volker_Jacob
139 terms by Volker_Jacob

Cantonese Chapters 1-8

By a-leong-3
81 terms by a-leong-3

Cantonese Lessons 1-4

By iheartvinyl2
174 terms by iheartvinyl2

Colloquial Cantonese Ch 6-10

By Matt_Howard9
138 terms by Matt_Howard9

Cantonese Vocab Test #3

By wingsyeung
103 terms by wingsyeung

Cantonese (Yale Romanization) - Random Words

By SFJerry
778 terms by SFJerry

cantonese vid phrases

By sillying
19 terms by sillying

TY Cantonese Vocab Chapters 11-

By Matt_Howard9
82 terms by Matt_Howard9

Lesson 5 Core

By chaaakTEACHER
46 terms by chaaakTEACHER

Unit 8-2 What are they doing?

By Cool-Panda
9 terms by Cool-Panda

Chinese made easy 1.13 中国人说汉语

By vivien_hom
11 terms by vivien_hom

Book 2 Unit 1 Lesson 1: Countries, Languages

By Tina_Tan47
31 terms by Tina_Tan47

Ch Week8 nationalities and languages

30 terms by SWSWTEACHER

Y7 Advanced class Term 1 Revision Vocab

By Li_Shuang
158 terms by Li_Shuang