4th Word Roots , study set / flash cards

By Joanisha
12 terms by Joanisha

Root Cards set 1 (4/7)

By emmacshay
11 terms by emmacshay

Classical Roots Flash Cards Set 1

By cbird2021
12 terms by cbird2021

Vocab set root card, deem, hem/em, nat

By damhaiqbal
8 terms by damhaiqbal

English Vocab & Root Words Set #1 FlashCards

By JustinACB
119 terms by JustinACB

Flash card set for Pre-Algebra: squaring exponents and square roots

By loststorieshogwartz
18 terms by loststorieshogwartz

"Cred" Root Word List

By MrsKluesner
10 terms by MrsKluesner

Greek and Latin Roots, Week 2

By mcneil_russell
10 terms by mcneil_russell

Cred root words

By therouxj
13 terms by therouxj

Greek & Latin Roots - man,manu

By mstellmacherTEACHER
10 terms by mstellmacherTEACHER

greek and latin roots

By bhl15
35 terms by bhl15

English from the Roots Up, Vol. 1, Set 1, Roots 1-12

By whatagig
12 terms by whatagig

Unit 7 Roots

By katie_haulter
10 terms by katie_haulter

Deck 1 Set 2 Greek and Latin Roots Game

By missgrady12
15 terms by missgrady12

CHMS 8th grade LA Classical Roots Lesson 1

13 terms by d181TEACHER

Root Word: "strain / strict / string"

By spennerk
11 terms by spennerk

Latin Roots

By mallan
92 terms by mallan

Greek and Latin Roots 7: TAIN, TEN, TENT = hold

By WestgaterTEACHER
10 terms by WestgaterTEACHER


By Holli_Stoflet
13 terms by Holli_Stoflet

Latin and Greek Roots 2

By Ann_Cartwright
20 terms by Ann_Cartwright

Root of the Week: strain, strict, string

By Steven_Sokoloff
10 terms by Steven_Sokoloff

Latin Roots: strain, strict, string = bind, tie, or draw tight

By MrsSantoPietroTEACHER
10 terms by MrsSantoPietroTEACHER

Root Words Set 4

By Tracy_BatesTEACHER
10 terms by Tracy_BatesTEACHER

Cards 25-28 Review

By sznnchndlr
26 terms by sznnchndlr

Cards 29-32 Review

By sznnchndlr
36 terms by sznnchndlr

Cards 9-12 Review

By sznnchndlr
26 terms by sznnchndlr

Latin Roots Section 1(first 10)

By Ms_Finneran
10 terms by Ms_Finneran

Cards 21-24 Review

By sznnchndlr
36 terms by sznnchndlr

Greek and Latin Roots Unit 7

By Jennifer_Prosser1
13 terms by Jennifer_Prosser1

Latin Roots: strain, strict, string = bind, tie, or draw tight

By jitkanelson
10 terms by jitkanelson

Greek and Latin Roots: STRAIN, STRICT, STRING = bind, tie, draw tight

By Jamye_Royster
10 terms by Jamye_Royster

Roots Set 1

By MrsOverpeckTEACHER
13 terms by MrsOverpeckTEACHER

All SAT roots for Lutkus, no SAT words

By Fergus_Gomersal
131 terms by Fergus_Gomersal

PreAP Root Words Set 3 - Transport

By DragonBiology
21 terms by DragonBiology

Rummy Roots Set 2

By bdobrozsiTEACHER
17 terms by bdobrozsiTEACHER

Roots - Set 2

By jacosme
12 terms by jacosme

Roots "Jungo, Junctum" and "Digitus"

By Sparkles_areunicorns
12 terms by Sparkles_areunicorns

All SAT roots for Lutkus, no SAT words, No examples

By Fergus_Gomersal
125 terms by Fergus_Gomersal

SAT Words Set 3 for Lutkus, no SAT roots, No examples

By Fergus_Gomersal
15 terms by Fergus_Gomersal

OL Root Words Set 3

By DragonBiology
15 terms by DragonBiology

strain, strict, string = bind, tie or draw tight

By Lori_Armer
10 terms by Lori_Armer

Root Word- "strain, strict, string"

By Lori_Saulten
10 terms by Lori_Saulten

Root words

By annie_duros_keller
25 terms by annie_duros_keller