4th Word Roots , study set / flash cards

By Joanisha
12 terms by Joanisha

Root Cards set 1 (4/7)

By emmacshay
11 terms by emmacshay

Classical Roots Flash Cards Set 1

By cbird2021
12 terms by cbird2021

Vocab set root card, deem, hem/em, nat

By damhaiqbal
8 terms by damhaiqbal

English Vocab & Root Words Set #1 FlashCards

By JustinACB
119 terms by JustinACB

Flash card set for Pre-Algebra: squaring exponents and square roots

By loststorieshogwartz
18 terms by loststorieshogwartz

"Cred" Root Word List

By MrsKluesnerTEACHER
10 terms by MrsKluesnerTEACHER

Cred root words

By therouxj
13 terms by therouxj

Greek & Latin Roots - man,manu

By mstellmacherTEACHER
10 terms by mstellmacherTEACHER

Teacher's Aid - SSAT Roots, Examples

By monicabrettler
90 terms by monicabrettler

Biology Root Words Set 1

By jjohnso4
25 terms by jjohnso4

greek and latin roots

By bhl15
35 terms by bhl15

Unit 7 Roots

By katie_haulter
10 terms by katie_haulter

English from the Roots Up, Vol. 1, Set 1, Roots 1-12

By whatagig
12 terms by whatagig

Root Word: "strain / strict / string"

By spennerk
11 terms by spennerk

Deck 1 Set 2 Greek and Latin Roots Game

By missgrady12
15 terms by missgrady12

CHMS 8th grade LA Classical Roots Lesson 1

13 terms by d181TEACHER

Latin Roots

By mallan
92 terms by mallan

Greek and Latin Roots 7: TAIN, TEN, TENT = hold

By WestgaterTEACHER
10 terms by WestgaterTEACHER


By Holli_Stoflet
13 terms by Holli_Stoflet

Latin and Greek Roots 2

By Ann_Cartwright
20 terms by Ann_Cartwright

Root of the Week: strain, strict, string

By Steven_Sokoloff
10 terms by Steven_Sokoloff

Root Words Set 4

By Tracy_BatesTEACHER
10 terms by Tracy_BatesTEACHER

Latin Roots: strain, strict, string = bind, tie, or draw tight

By MrsSantoPietroTEACHER
10 terms by MrsSantoPietroTEACHER

LA 6 Greek and Latin Roots -- Study

By reganmuirTEACHER
57 terms by reganmuirTEACHER

Unit 2 root word

By KvnAcioSchoolRules
60 terms by KvnAcioSchoolRules

Cards 25-28 Review

By sznnchndlr
26 terms by sznnchndlr

Vocabulary from Classical Roots Book B

By Jody_White
275 terms by Jody_White

Latin Roots Section 1(first 10)

By Ms_Finneran
10 terms by Ms_Finneran

Cards 29-32 Review

By sznnchndlr
36 terms by sznnchndlr

Cards 9-12 Review

By sznnchndlr
26 terms by sznnchndlr

Greek and Latin Roots Unit 7

By Jennifer_Prosser1
13 terms by Jennifer_Prosser1

Latin Roots: strain, strict, string = bind, tie, or draw tight

By jitkanelson
10 terms by jitkanelson

Cards 21-24 Review

By sznnchndlr
36 terms by sznnchndlr

CHMS 8th grade LA Classical Roots Lessons 1-3

39 terms by d181TEACHER

SAT Words Set 3 for Lutkus, no SAT roots, No examples

By Fergus_Gomersal
15 terms by Fergus_Gomersal

Rummy Roots Set 2

By bdobrozsiTEACHER
17 terms by bdobrozsiTEACHER

Greek and Latin Roots: STRAIN, STRICT, STRING = bind, tie, draw tight

By Jamye_Royster
10 terms by Jamye_Royster

Roots "Jungo, Junctum" and "Digitus"

By Sparkles_areunicorns
12 terms by Sparkles_areunicorns

All SAT roots for Lutkus, no SAT words

By Fergus_Gomersal
131 terms by Fergus_Gomersal


By adulak2003
103 terms by adulak2003

Roots Set 1

By MrsOverpeckTEACHER
24 terms by MrsOverpeckTEACHER

Root words

By annie_duros_keller
25 terms by annie_duros_keller