o-ue stem-changing verbs

By CLHSspanish2
11 terms by CLHSspanish2

Stem Changing Verbs (o-ue)

By Ruby_Mejia8
15 terms by Ruby_Mejia8

Stem Changing Verbs o - ue

By mdeakleTEACHER
14 terms by mdeakleTEACHER

Stem-changing verbs: o---ue

By mariaespiritus
10 terms by mariaespiritus

Stem-changing verbs: o to ue

By SraLeitner
13 terms by SraLeitner

Stem-changing verbs (o-ue)

By Josue_carranza7
15 terms by Josue_carranza7

O-ue Stem-Changing Verbs

By jolsonwalker
17 terms by jolsonwalker

o-ue stem-changing verbs

By s0nrieconmigo
10 terms by s0nrieconmigo

Stem-changing verbs o to ue

By snistlerTEACHER
31 terms by snistlerTEACHER

Stem Changing Verbs o(ue)

By SenoritaEdwardsTEACHER
18 terms by SenoritaEdwardsTEACHER

O Stem-Changing Verbs

By Colleen_Anderson1
8 terms by Colleen_Anderson1

Changing verbs o to ue

By sarah_mains
16 terms by sarah_mains

Verbs o->ue change

By Cuerno_Ingles
18 terms by Cuerno_Ingles

o-ue changing verbs

By tnock13
14 terms by tnock13

Stem Changing Verbs o - ue

By acoutcher
8 terms by acoutcher

stem changing verbs o/-ue

By richard_charters1TEACHER
17 terms by richard_charters1TEACHER

O:UE Stem Changing Verbs

By senorastephensTEACHER
22 terms by senorastephensTEACHER

Stem-Changing Verbs o>ue

By MrsLT
8 terms by MrsLT

Stem Changing Verbs o - ue

By fdtrenta
12 terms by fdtrenta

Stem Changing Verbs: o:oe

By Martin_Alonso
22 terms by Martin_Alonso

Stem-changing verbs o - ue

By Bonita_Green7
14 terms by Bonita_Green7

Verb Changing(o >ue)

By Lucasnugget999
12 terms by Lucasnugget999

o:ue Stem-changing verbs

By MSCjr
13 terms by MSCjr

o-ue stem-changing verbs

By Magano-BeltranTEACHER
11 terms by Magano-BeltranTEACHER

Stem Changing Verbs: o:ue

By supermonica3955
28 terms by supermonica3955

Stem-changing verbs (o:ue)

By Kerry_ShweikiTEACHER
8 terms by Kerry_ShweikiTEACHER

stem changing verbs o:ue

By emillermtlsdTEACHER
47 terms by emillermtlsdTEACHER

o-ue stem changing verbs

By ojala7
30 terms by ojala7

radical changing o - ue verbs

By brencreedon
16 terms by brencreedon

Stem-changing Verbs (o:ue)

By Elisabeth_Alvarado
8 terms by Elisabeth_Alvarado

o->ue stem-changing verbs

By kobrienchchTEACHER
11 terms by kobrienchchTEACHER

O-ue Stem-Changing Verbs

By Channing_Austin
17 terms by Channing_Austin

O:UE Stem-Changing Verbs

By apeturis14
9 terms by apeturis14

Stem Changing Verbs o>ue

18 terms by BarberanFTEACHER

O -UE Stem changing verbs

By Rebecca_Waldman6
8 terms by Rebecca_Waldman6

stem changing verbs (o-ue)

By mquello
17 terms by mquello

O > ue stem changing verbs

By LucitabonitaTEACHER
28 terms by LucitabonitaTEACHER

O = UE Stem-changing Verbs

By Rossana_Pass
26 terms by Rossana_Pass

Stem-changing verbs (o:ue)

By Citlalex
8 terms by Citlalex

Stem Changing Verbs (o:ue)

By shellyhaddon
19 terms by shellyhaddon

stem-changing verbs o-ue

By curreyhillside
30 terms by curreyhillside

Stem changing verbs (o-ue)

By LidaArmstrong
22 terms by LidaArmstrong

o to ue stem-changing verbs

By conmigo
10 terms by conmigo

Stem Changing Verbs O to UE

By emarquezaponteTEACHER
8 terms by emarquezaponteTEACHER

Stem-Changing Verbs o:ue

By mayanin
22 terms by mayanin

Stem-changing Verbs O:UE

By ccarm101
21 terms by ccarm101

O-ue Stem Changing Verbs

By msaunders13TEACHER
16 terms by msaunders13TEACHER

O to UE Stem Changing Verbs

By Senorita_Ditty
41 terms by Senorita_Ditty

Stem-changing verbs (o:ue)

By spanishsrta13
8 terms by spanishsrta13

Stem-changing verbs o to ue

By Virginie_GentilletTEACHER
31 terms by Virginie_GentilletTEACHER