Stem-Changing Verbs Spanish 1

41 terms By MissSpanish Teacher

Spanish 2: Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

35 terms By joan_murillo Teacher

A 157 Stem-changing Verbs Practice

40 terms By spanish_northcutt Teacher

stem-changing verbs Spanish

20 terms By msnpaulsen Teacher

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs o > ue & e > i

72 terms By melinda_berg Teacher

stem-changing verbs (o-ue, e-i)

20 terms By bourquephs Teacher

e-ie Stem-changing Verbs Spanish 1

13 terms By Hagemeier

Stem-changing Verbs(boot verbs)

62 terms By SrtaAbarca Teacher

Spanish stem-changing verbs o>ue

33 terms By MelissaSmart Teacher

Irregular and Stem Changing Verbs Spanish 1

50 terms By Michelle_Booth

Stem-changing Verbs (spanish 1)

40 terms By Harperwharton23

o-ue stem-changing verbs Spanish 1

12 terms By Hagemeier

The Present tense of verbs with stem changes

15 terms By marquezviada Teacher

Stem changing verbs spanish 1

51 terms By AdaoraN

Spanish 1 Stem changing verbs

21 terms By Karen_Hovanec Teacher

Stem changing verbs (spanish 1)

40 terms By Taylor_Beagle

Stem Changing Verbs (Spanish 1)

24 terms By sedwardswcs

Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

29 terms By SraPrischak Teacher

Stem-changing verbs: Vocabulario

28 terms By Kstrunc Teacher

Present Tense Spelling-Change Verbs

18 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

e-ie stem-changing verbs

11 terms By bourquephs Teacher

Stem-changing verbs (Spanish 1)

27 terms By hernandezvoh

Stem-changing Verbs (Spanish 1)

32 terms By 17ryang

Realidades 2 - 1A Stem-changing verbs

59 terms By nrainey80 Teacher

4-1 "ie" stem-changing verbs (Spanish 1)

6 terms By allielindquist

Stem changing verbs- Spanish 1

42 terms By hailey515

Stem-changing verbs: preterite tense

41 terms By senorafedorko Teacher

Stem changing verbs spanish 1

22 terms By AdaoraN

Spanish 2: Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

35 terms By Barbara_Howard Teacher

Spanish 1 Stem Changing Verbs - Unit 5

55 terms By ganbare Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs Spanish 1

22 terms By betsyann23

Stem-changing Verbs (boot verbs)

35 terms By ClarkSpanishUAHS Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs spanish 1

27 terms By akathuria

Stem-changing Verbs(boot verbs)

46 terms By sraaguirre Teacher

Stem Changing Verbs (Spanish 1)

16 terms By Jahn_Collado

Stem-Changing Verbs-Spanish 1

17 terms By valeriew01

Lección 4: Stem-changing verb conjugations

36 terms By shannonkrz Teacher

SP1 Stem-changing verbs: e-ie

23 terms By susancox0218 Teacher

Stem changing verbs-Spanish 1

23 terms By heatherrjessee

Stem Changing Verbs

18 terms By Burke_Spanish Teacher