P-4-Los verbos (ar) Verbs in Spanish that end in ar.

26 terms By LuzSarmiento Teacher

Aventura 1: Capítulo 4, Los Verbos -IR

57 terms By Sra_Jimenez Teacher

Leccion 4 LOS VERBOS

38 terms By lpolak Teacher

5th Grade Spanish Ch. 4: los verbos (AR verbs)

11 terms By sraflynn Teacher

U1-4 French Verbs - Regular Present -ER Verbs

154 terms By abosch Teacher

Unidad 4 - Los Verbos

50 terms By rizzutol Teacher

Español 4--Los Verbos Regulares

106 terms By bhsespanol

Negaunee-Voces 1-4 Los verbos regulares -ar

16 terms By vpaupore

Chapter 4 Regular Verbs - Spanish 2

78 terms By cbartimer2

Spanish 1 Chapter 4 Los Verbs

83 terms By uniquelyd

Unité 4: Verbs regular -ER conjugations (some)

30 terms By kimplamondon Teacher

Profe E - Preterite verbs regular/cargarzar and "ir" "hacer" and "ver"

40 terms By censenat Teacher

Unité 4: Verbs regular -ER

17 terms By kimplamondon Teacher

SPA 101-4 Ch. 4 Handout-Verbs: regular conjugation and stem-changing

25 terms By Aslen71

Spanish 3 Imagina Chapter 4 Reflexive Verbs vs. Regular Verbs Meanings

32 terms By feelix25

Vocabulario 4 Los Verbos Regulares

52 terms By yazziedarling

French Verbs - Regular -ER (fill in the blank)

26 terms By alanwils

Lección 4- Los Verbos regulares

50 terms By kdeegan17

los verbs regulares y irregulares y los verbos de yogo

18 terms By carly420

Common Spanish Verbs (Regular)

31 terms By Bridget_Mullins5 Teacher

-re verbs (regular)

7 terms By griffcd Teacher

Honors Español 4--Los Verbos Regulares Pretérito

56 terms By kmccaffery

Vocabulario 4 Los verbos regulares

52 terms By jake_savage4

Los verbs regular 2 Spanish

36 terms By bandkid59

Vistas Lección 4 - Los Pasatiempos - Verbos

57 terms By Profebailess Teacher

Gente cap. 4: los verbos

7 terms By debster206

Chapter 4-1 Regular AR Verbs

24 terms By dbere21

Español 4 los verbos regulares del presente

73 terms By crmcclain11

Chapter 4: Los Medios de Transporte (Travel Verbs)

12 terms By RMSpanish7

French Verbs, Regular plus 4 Irregular

42 terms By CouCou

Unit 1: 4 Los adjetivos

28 terms By profehunt

Spanish Chapter 4 Regular AR Verbs

41 terms By momo_16

unit 4 past tense verbs (regular)

24 terms By skinzbach

Challenge B: Latin Vocab: Page 217-220: Master Review Vocabulary No. 2: Units 3, 4, and 5: Verbs: Re…

55 terms By I_M_3rd

Spanish Regular and Irregular Past Participles

35 terms By jgovernali Teacher

spanish chapter 4 a (regular verbs)

34 terms By javalerah

Los Verbes Regulares (-AR)

18 terms By SkyeRunner

Descubre I Lección 4 Los Verbos

40 terms By sruddock

ER/IR Verb regular-chapter 4 quiz

27 terms By Claire_Casper

4. Los Verbos Regulares

10 terms By zoenicole99

Chapter 4 ir regular verbs

40 terms By Adrian_Davis

Sp. 1 Ch. 4 Los verbos-Boot Verbs/Go Verbs

32 terms By rubiome

Chapter 4 vocab- Los verbos regulares-ar

16 terms By madison_bissett

Spanish 1 Chapter 4 Los verbos reflexivos

50 terms By uniquelyd

Chapter 4 los verbos regulares

12 terms By annagrape

Negaunee-Voces 1-4 Los verbos regulares -ar

16 terms By KMH1018

Spanish verbs: regular "O-P"

36 terms By roubik

Capítulo 4 - Los verbos regulares -ar

16 terms By katwhit13

Los verbos -ER AND IR VERBS REGULAR (xvii)

22 terms By popperp

Chapter 4 Regular Ar Verbs

12 terms By SoccerQueen24