Discovery Chinese Lesson 1 (Phrases)

By kim_vanetten
9 terms by kim_vanetten

Practise basic Chinese phrases

By TeacherAsiaWretman
16 terms by TeacherAsiaWretman

Basic Chinese Phrases

By BainbridgeChinese
28 terms by BainbridgeChinese

Classroom Phrases in Chinese

By Peng_laoshi
22 terms by Peng_laoshi

useful chinese phrases

By DCBScience
52 terms by DCBScience

Chinese key phrases

By Annshar_Wolfs
16 terms by Annshar_Wolfs

Chinese greetings and polite phrases

By maestra409
19 terms by maestra409

Chinese phrases: in class

By leitheunicorn
37 terms by leitheunicorn

The Most Useful Survival Chinese Phrases

By cchiu02
11 terms by cchiu02

Lesson 43 & 44: Useful Chinese Phrases

By julingwei
15 terms by julingwei

Chinese Classroom Phrases

By Proper_24TEACHER
35 terms by Proper_24TEACHER

Classroom Phrases in Chinese

By Peng_laoshi
8 terms by Peng_laoshi

Useful Chinese phrases

By triptix
20 terms by triptix

Chinese Slang Phrases

By ZhengfangYang
21 terms by ZhengfangYang

Chinese GCSE Phrases

By Gao_Zhang
793 terms by Gao_Zhang

Study Chinese: Phrases & Sentences

By MiaoChunHuangTEACHER
30 terms by MiaoChunHuangTEACHER

Chinese Classroom Phrases

By selamet_galang
35 terms by selamet_galang

chinese pinyin classroom phrases

By MoneymanJosh
17 terms by MoneymanJosh

Chinese - describing Words and phrases

By linda_marionTEACHER
11 terms by linda_marionTEACHER

Integrated Chinese 13B Phrases

By tang_jana
12 terms by tang_jana

Chinese Time Words And Phrases

By austinneville01
40 terms by austinneville01

Classroom Phrases in Chinese - 1

By Linlaoshimvps
8 terms by Linlaoshimvps

Chinese new year phrases

By XiaoLiu_Axillou
8 terms by XiaoLiu_Axillou

Useful Chinese Phrases 6

By AMurray2017
13 terms by AMurray2017

chinese ch 9 phrases

By hwowolf
9 terms by hwowolf

Chinese words/phrases

By g_chen1
10 terms by g_chen1

Chinese (traditional) classroom phrases

By Juchien_CCEA
12 terms by Juchien_CCEA

Chinese classroom phrases

By jtorres0000
30 terms by jtorres0000

Chinese Classroom Phrases

By RamilleLaw
35 terms by RamilleLaw

Essential Chinese phrases

By zhengyu_dong
14 terms by zhengyu_dong

Chinese New Year words and phrases

By ZhangLi1980
13 terms by ZhangLi1980

Chinese Classroom Phrases


Chinese and Japanese Phrases

By jgodoyTEACHER
14 terms by jgodoyTEACHER

In class Chinese phrases

By unlhelenxu
16 terms by unlhelenxu

Chinese phrases for HSK4

By miguel_orjuela
127 terms by miguel_orjuela

S15_Chinese Phrases

By AcademyGoldberg
39 terms by AcademyGoldberg

Chinese 1 Survival Phrases

By yilaoshi
22 terms by yilaoshi

Chinese key phrases

By AnnabelleChin
16 terms by AnnabelleChin

Chinese Set Phrases

By Moon_CrawlerVG
28 terms by Moon_CrawlerVG

Phrase: Clothing in Chinese

By peihakTEACHER
18 terms by peihakTEACHER

Chinese Phrases 4.15

By Siobhan_Haggerty
16 terms by Siobhan_Haggerty

Chinese Words & Phrases

By mandye97
43 terms by mandye97

Chinese introduction phrases

By corey_bourassa
61 terms by corey_bourassa

Chinese Vocab Basic Phrases

By lilsparrow20
11 terms by lilsparrow20

Chinese Phrases I

By krbouch
53 terms by krbouch

Chinese Lesson 12 Phrases

By faithtcooper
26 terms by faithtcooper

Chinese Basic Phrases

By thatrandompotato
63 terms by thatrandompotato

Chinese Time Words And Phrases

By hunterwilson00
40 terms by hunterwilson00

Chinese Chapter 1 Phrases

By Tiffany8099
10 terms by Tiffany8099

Basic Phrases (Chinese)

By priscillaclaire
8 terms by priscillaclaire