Sports Chinese-pinyin-picture

17 terms By MsHU Teacher

How to say these food in Chinese? Pinyin English

26 terms By pding1 Teacher

CI-Chinese Pinyin

33 terms By stseng22 Teacher

Chinese Pinyin Alphabet - 1 Shēngmǔ INITIALS

23 terms By haoli416 Teacher

1-10 Chinese(pinyin)- Pictures

10 terms By HSTW Teacher

Clothes in Chinese Pinyin

10 terms By li_q Teacher

Sports Chinese-pinyin-picture

30 terms By sufenyen Teacher

Character 51-100 Chinese-Pinyin

50 terms By PrescottLaoShi Teacher


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chinese pinyin vocabulary 7

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Chinese Pinyin Vocabulary #2

24 terms By gosplendid

chinese pinyin lesson 4

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Chinese Pinyin Lesson 7

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Characters 101-150 Chinese-Pinyin

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Sports Chinese-pinyin-picture

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Chinese pinyin-Simple finals and initials

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Chinese Pinyin Vocabulary #1

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漢語拼音學習Chinese PinYin

11 terms By ccschineseteacher Teacher

Chinese Pinyin

30 terms By Joshua_hamlow

Chinese Pinyin Alphabet - All

63 terms By haoli416 Teacher

Chinese I: Family (Chinese--Pinyin)

32 terms By ClearfieldChinese

Lesson 7, Studying Chinese (Pinyin)

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Characters 301-350 Chinese-Pinyin

50 terms By PrescottLaoShi Teacher

Electronics 电器 Chinese - Pinyin

10 terms By HannahFang Teacher

Chinese Pinyin-finals (simple and compound)

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Basic chinese pinyin

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Chinese (Pinyin) Greetings

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Everyday Chinese Pinyin mrchen

11 terms By jeremychen Teacher

Lesson 5 Key Sentences (Chinese --> Pinyin)

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Aplus 4a - chinese-pinyin

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Chinese pinyin

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Chinese Pinyin Finals

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Chinese (pinyin) & Ancient Greek numbers 1-20

20 terms By charlesweiss Teacher

Common Vegetables in Chinese & Pīnyīn

11 terms By honglinjin2 Teacher

test chinese pinyin vs. hanzi

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