Chinese Time Expressions

34 terms By aidehua Teacher

Integrated Chinese Time

32 terms By LandrumLions Teacher

GCSE Chinese Time Expressions

61 terms By MissPreston

GCSE Chinese Time Expressions

61 terms By helen73

Chinese Time 0

6 terms By ChineseHL Teacher

Chinese Time

7 terms By MissWu90 Teacher

Chinese - Times

28 terms By welehman Teacher

Ravenswood Year 7 Chinese times of the day

10 terms By robertwaynehead Teacher

Chinese Time

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6th Chinese time sentences.

10 terms By tonglin Teacher

G4 Chinese Time Expressions

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Chinese Time

6 terms By nasmanhao_pia Teacher

Chinese Time

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Chinese Time 1(pinyin & characters)

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Chinese Time Words, Frequency Words

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Chinese Time Words

8 terms By TANGLES

Chinese Time

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Chinese time

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Chinese Time

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Chinese Time Related Words

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Mandarin Chinese: Time

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Chinese Time

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Chinese Timing Words

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Chinese Times

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Chinese Times

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Gr6 Chinese Time Words

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Chinese Time Vocabulary

24 terms By elliebenine

Chinese time words

25 terms By Ryan_Taggard

Chinese- Time

18 terms By jason-groleau

Chinese time

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Mandarin Chinese- Time phrases

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Chinese time

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chinese time

21 terms By Alexzandra_Sayeau

Chinese Time

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32 terms By YolandaBi

Chinese Time Telling and Pronucuation

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Chinese time expressions

80 terms By Rachel_Bester

Chinese time words

70 terms By j_mccann

Chinese Time

18 terms By ManuelR02

Chinese Time Terms

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Chinese Time 0

8 terms By Karen_Hu1 Teacher


7 terms By rosiethecat101

Chinese Times

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Chinese Time Expressions

31 terms By oliviagaillard

Chinese Time and Date Vocabulary

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Chinese - time

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chinese time of day

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