Chinese Seasons & Weather

19 terms By Anna_Woods TEACHER

Chinese Link Lesson 13 Clothing

21 terms By Kaixinlaoshi TEACHER

Sports Chinese-pinyin-picture

17 terms By MsHU TEACHER

ANIMALS in Chinese - Simplified with PinYin & English

24 terms By WalnutCreekChineseSchool TEACHER


315 terms By Jing_Sun7 TEACHER

Integrated Chinese Lv.1 P1 Lesson 2: Family

41 terms By HBYeh TEACHER

More Shapes-Chinese

14 terms By PrescottLaoShi TEACHER

How to say these food in Chinese? Pinyin English

26 terms By pding1 TEACHER

Chinese Conjunctions [Traditional | Definition]

133 terms By rramphal TEACHER

Chinese Conjunctions [Traditional | Pinyin]

133 terms By rramphal TEACHER

B1-4 中國新年 (Chinese New Year)

10 terms By jennylin TEACHER

Relating Leisure Time Activities (Chinese-English)

30 terms By TheLanguageProfessor TEACHER


30 terms By alexbepyt

Colors and Shapes Traditional Chinese & English


Happy Chinese Book1 Lesson 10: School subjects

21 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

[Chinese II] Unit 3, Lesson 3 & 4 - Daily Routine

21 terms By mechanic21 TEACHER

Happy Chinese Book 2 Lesson 12 Come and play Pingpong!

29 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

Happy Chinese Book 2 Lesson 15 I caught a cold.

37 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

Flora's Chinese Basic Words 1

36 terms By flora_huang TEACHER

Chinese 3 Master List

113 terms By hugoxiong TEACHER


25 terms By MsRFlavin TEACHER

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

10 terms By Adeline_Hsiao TEACHER

Chinese Class - Summary 2 Handout

61 terms By stuckhere90

Integrated Chinese Chapter 1

26 terms By hillslearning TEACHER

Happy Chinese Book 2: Lesson 14 In the park

26 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

Chinese 1 Basic Words

24 terms By hugoxiong TEACHER

Integrated Chinese Radicals

40 terms By kua-chinese TEACHER

Chinese Conjunctions [Traditional | Pinyin#]

133 terms By rramphal TEACHER

Chinese Link Lesson 11 (with Eng)

28 terms By Kaixinlaoshi TEACHER

Chinese Greetings

11 terms By Harvardworldlanguage TEACHER

Chinese Link L.11 (w/ Pinyin)

42 terms By JoyceChu96 TEACHER

Basic Chinese Greetings

18 terms By stellaliu TEACHER