Chinese Seasons & Weather

19 terms By Anna_Woods TEACHER

Chinese Link Lesson 13 Clothing

21 terms By Kaixinlaoshi TEACHER

Sports Chinese-pinyin-picture

17 terms By MsHU TEACHER

ANIMALS in Chinese - Simplified with PinYin & English

24 terms By WalnutCreekChineseSchool TEACHER


315 terms By Jing_Sun7 TEACHER

Integrated Chinese Lv.1 P1 Lesson 2: Family

41 terms By HBYeh TEACHER

More Shapes-Chinese

14 terms By PrescottLaoShi TEACHER

How to say these food in Chinese? Pinyin English

26 terms By pding1 TEACHER

Chinese Conjunctions [Traditional | Pinyin]

133 terms By rramphal TEACHER

Chinese Conjunctions [Traditional | Definition]

133 terms By rramphal TEACHER

B1-4 中國新年 (Chinese New Year)

10 terms By jennylin TEACHER

Relating Leisure Time Activities (Chinese-English)

30 terms By TheLanguageProfessor TEACHER


30 terms By alexbepyt

Colors and Shapes Traditional Chinese & English


Happy Chinese Book1 Lesson 10: School subjects

21 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

[Chinese II] Unit 3, Lesson 3 & 4 - Daily Routine

21 terms By mechanic21 TEACHER

Happy Chinese Book 2 Lesson 12 Come and play Pingpong!

29 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

Happy Chinese Book 2 Lesson 15 I caught a cold.

37 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

Flora's Chinese Basic Words 1

36 terms By flora_huang TEACHER

Chinese 3 Master List

113 terms By hugoxiong TEACHER


25 terms By MsRFlavin TEACHER

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

10 terms By Adeline_Hsiao TEACHER

Chinese Class - Summary 2 Handout

61 terms By stuckhere90

Integrated Chinese Chapter 1

26 terms By hillslearning TEACHER

Happy Chinese Book 2: Lesson 14 In the park

26 terms By Yiheng_Yuan TEACHER

Chinese 1 Basic Words

24 terms By hugoxiong TEACHER

Integrated Chinese Radicals

40 terms By kua-chinese TEACHER

Chinese Conjunctions [Traditional | Pinyin#]

133 terms By rramphal TEACHER

Chinese Link Lesson 11 (with Eng)

28 terms By Kaixinlaoshi TEACHER

Chinese Greetings

11 terms By Harvardworldlanguage TEACHER

Basic Chinese Greetings

18 terms By stellaliu TEACHER

Chinese Link L.11 (w/ Pinyin)

42 terms By JoyceChu96 TEACHER