1st year: Classroom objects

By MaestraKimJ
12 terms by MaestraKimJ

Classroom objects Year 3

By kaladaTEACHER
15 terms by kaladaTEACHER


By Suzanne_Davies4
13 terms by Suzanne_Davies4

Classroom Objects Beginning of Year

By craasch
15 terms by craasch

Classroom objects year 7

By lalza3
17 terms by lalza3

2nd year: Classroom Objects*

By MaestraKimJ
25 terms by MaestraKimJ

Year 4 - classroom objects

By AldwickburyLanguagesTEACHER
18 terms by AldwickburyLanguagesTEACHER

Year 7 classroom objects

By Mrs_D_Walker
28 terms by Mrs_D_Walker

Garin Year 9 - Classroom objects

By judithdavies
13 terms by judithdavies

Year 8 Classroom Objects Japanese

By Micah_RobertsTEACHER
25 terms by Micah_RobertsTEACHER

Year 8 French: classroom objects

By Owen_HansonTEACHER
12 terms by Owen_HansonTEACHER

Year 4 classroom objects pinyin

By MrsWanglaoshiTEACHER
27 terms by MrsWanglaoshiTEACHER

SPC Year 8 Classroom objects

By Dianne_WarrTEACHER
12 terms by Dianne_WarrTEACHER

Mandarin Chinese Classroom Objects - Year 9

19 terms by Lisah69TEACHER

Year 8 Japanese Classroom Objects

By agood36
48 terms by agood36

year 7 Italian classroom objects

By redcoffeepot
18 terms by redcoffeepot

Classroom objects Year 3/4

By Fernworth288
10 terms by Fernworth288

classroom objects Year 5&6

By sonya_faisst2TEACHER
28 terms by sonya_faisst2TEACHER

Year 8 Japanese - Unit 2 Classroom Objects

By Micah_RobertsTEACHER
22 terms by Micah_RobertsTEACHER

Year 7 Classroom Objects: Roomaji!

By agood36
50 terms by agood36

Year 9 Classroom Objects and Commands

By eadavison
20 terms by eadavison

Classroom objects French Year 7

By steph_mahon
10 terms by steph_mahon

Year 9 Term 1 - classroom objects

By Japanese4670
30 terms by Japanese4670

Year 3, Unit 2 (Lesson 1), Classroom objects

By ada_ndia
12 terms by ada_ndia

MCSHS Year 8 School - Classroom Objects

By Nippo_SenseiTEACHER
34 terms by Nippo_SenseiTEACHER

Year 4 Classroom objects Chinese character

By MrsWanglaoshiTEACHER
28 terms by MrsWanglaoshiTEACHER

YEAR 7 / UNIT 7 - objects in the classroom

By woldinghamespanol
21 terms by woldinghamespanol

Miss Francis year 7 French classroom objects

By lfrancisibstockplace
18 terms by lfrancisibstockplace

French Vocab Year 5 - classroom objects

By wiggins8
20 terms by wiggins8

Cohort 2023 Year 7 - Classroom objects

10 terms by VeHoworthTEACHER

KLB Japanese Year 7 Classroom objects

By klbnds
14 terms by klbnds

Classroom objects Year 3/4 (2)

By Fernworth288
9 terms by Fernworth288

Year 6 Semester 1 Hiragana (Classroom Objects)

By Tate-SenseiTEACHER
12 terms by Tate-SenseiTEACHER

Classroom objects Year 3/4 (3)

By Fernworth288
9 terms by Fernworth288

Classroom Objects

By dcross83TEACHER
17 terms by dcross83TEACHER

Year 1: Chapter 2 Classroom Objects

By keelyconant5
23 terms by keelyconant5

Classroom Objects

By Arideng_WangTEACHER
35 terms by Arideng_WangTEACHER

Classroom Objects

By Esteban_Martinez5
35 terms by Esteban_Martinez5

Classroom Objects

By LRazman
17 terms by LRazman

classroom objects

By jvirant
12 terms by jvirant

Classroom Objects

By iwamisenseiTEACHER
27 terms by iwamisenseiTEACHER

Classroom Objects

By loliveira5
38 terms by loliveira5

Classroom Objects

By MrOversluizenTEACHER
23 terms by MrOversluizenTEACHER

Classroom Objects

By spanwiehoffTEACHER
32 terms by spanwiehoffTEACHER

Classroom Objects

By joanngriese
11 terms by joanngriese

Classroom Objects

By Hellokitty001TEACHER
10 terms by Hellokitty001TEACHER

Classroom objects

By meo_mai9
11 terms by meo_mai9

Classroom objects

25 terms by MsRFlavinTEACHER

Classroom Objects

By rivers_bower
44 terms by rivers_bower


By juliocutrim
23 terms by juliocutrim