Direction/Clue Words for Essays

By MeghanKeyes
21 terms by MeghanKeyes

Direction/Clue Words for Essay Questions

By rfladvid
21 terms by rfladvid

Direction/Clue Words for Essay Questions

By Koshurochka
21 terms by Koshurochka

Clue words for essay/short answer tests

By Tommyjhelms
8 terms by Tommyjhelms

100 Essays: America is Great! 78. Driving up Pacific Coast Highway

By yukosakaTEACHER
10 terms by yukosakaTEACHER

Combo with "Argumentative Essay Terms" and 1 other

By Anissa_Sharief
29 terms by Anissa_Sharief

Crossword puzzles

By larson8TEACHER
20 terms by larson8TEACHER

"All Together Now" Essay

By Caren_SchrubbTEACHER
20 terms by Caren_SchrubbTEACHER

Essay #4 ESL 106 Vocabulary for Compare/Contrast

By craigcarroll
33 terms by craigcarroll

Essay terminology

By Adam_DeClercqTEACHER
30 terms by Adam_DeClercqTEACHER

CAASPP/Academic Vocabulary

By K_HamiltonTEACHER
25 terms by K_HamiltonTEACHER

PARCC word of the day- Set 1

By jdemetrious
11 terms by jdemetrious

Vocab Jan. 4-15th

By Daisy_BrumbyTEACHER
12 terms by Daisy_BrumbyTEACHER

Week 12

By joannconway
10 terms by joannconway

SOAR WORDS-1st 9 Weeks ELA

By dericcag
27 terms by dericcag

SOL Writing Vocabulary

By dquillen
34 terms by dquillen

Commonly Confused Words

By jlohmeyer22
18 terms by jlohmeyer22

Global Issues

By awesomeMisha23
29 terms by awesomeMisha23

SOAR WORDS-1st 9 Weeks ELA

By christiharris79
27 terms by christiharris79

Grade 8 ELA Unit 1, MMS

By cha200
29 terms by cha200

Literary Terms #2

By JRobb1
20 terms by JRobb1

literary terms for middle school

By cindy_kothandaramanTEACHER
28 terms by cindy_kothandaramanTEACHER

Literary Devices 2

17 terms by AB_WatkinsTEACHER

Essay vocabulary

By har67
21 terms by har67

Essential Literary Terms

By MzSeymour
53 terms by MzSeymour

Analysis Content Vocab

By bwardenglish
12 terms by bwardenglish

literary terms for middle school

By Pavonne_Cobb
28 terms by Pavonne_Cobb


By susan_nelson6TEACHER
42 terms by susan_nelson6TEACHER

Chapter 6 Quizlet

By hollandm1116
10 terms by hollandm1116


By aleffingwell
19 terms by aleffingwell

4 types of essay formats

By evilgoddess2003
8 terms by evilgoddess2003

Reading Terms 2 - 5th Grade

By MrsWalker_1920
40 terms by MrsWalker_1920

EOC Terms Set 7

By mjjarrell
10 terms by mjjarrell

essay vocab

By emma_jones02
10 terms by emma_jones02

nonfiction vs fiction

By Libby_Mullins
18 terms by Libby_Mullins

MCA Reading Terms 2 - 5th Grade

By MelissaRemus
40 terms by MelissaRemus

Mid-Term Review (English II - Semester II)

By MrsAntonelli
102 terms by MrsAntonelli

Literary Terms

By MrsAntonelli
31 terms by MrsAntonelli

Language Arts Vocabulary

By crolin
39 terms by crolin

Language Arts Vocabulary - 5th

By crolin
77 terms by crolin

Reading Terms 2 - 5th Grade

By hknezek5
40 terms by hknezek5

Literary Terms

By Cathy_Musselman
19 terms by Cathy_Musselman

Unit 2

By sgauntTEACHER
25 terms by sgauntTEACHER


By bigehaosi
35 terms by bigehaosi

MCA Reading Terms 2 - 5th Grade

By crisrajdl
40 terms by crisrajdl

WIHS- English 2- Set 5 Literary Terms

By whteacher-p
16 terms by whteacher-p

Study & Life skills 2 Module 9

By ahmedmostafa
20 terms by ahmedmostafa

vocab#9:Argumentative Essay

By Cameron_Petty9
10 terms by Cameron_Petty9

PARCC word of the day- Set 1

By jdemetrious
17 terms by jdemetrious

Literary Terms # 8

By jackie_graham7
21 terms by jackie_graham7