Module 3- Los colores- Colours

By sydneylai
12 terms by sydneylai

Los colores- colours MODULE 3

By blaatkil2
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Module 1 French Colours

20 terms by STAFrenchTEACHER

FRENCH: Colours module 5

By Sylviacordara
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FRENCH module 5 colours

By Sylviacordara
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French Module I: Les colours

By kristina_sre
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Mira 1 Module 3.5 Los colores Colours

By Mrs_Wilkinson
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French Module 1 (Colors)

By brianluong
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Expo 1 Module 1 More French colors

By hymersmflTEACHER
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French 2 Module 6 Clothes and Colors

By Fuzzy_Mari
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Colours French

By mallette406
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Expo 1 Module 1 More French colors

By cherylmac13
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French Colors

By msk7
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French Colors

By MlleMarcangeloTEACHER
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French : Colors

By bcilluffoTEACHER
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French Colors (Vocab)

By fayekoss
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French Colors

13 terms by TEAMLoYD

[French] Colours

By danidarko
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By LunaTeacherTEACHER
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Learning French: Colours

By Lolalm7
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les couleurs = colours / colors

45 terms by Mr-RemyTEACHER


By kirjam
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Spanish - colours

By EDBRodriguez
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French Colors

By johndemlerTEACHER
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Duolingo French: Colors

By Duolingoer
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Term 1 vocabulary 8 - colours

By henriettetuz
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French Colors

By blankpanther121
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French : Colors

By glhex
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Module 1 Colours

By lmcgowan766TEACHER
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Module 5 Colours

By KSW_French
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By EdgbarrowLangs
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Russian Colors

By kmuldrowTEACHER
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Expo1 1.6 Colours

By MadameLagardeTEACHER
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Quizlet 1: French Hair Eyes Size (English w/ images-French)

20 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

Les Colours

By tiyamikee
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Module 3 Colours (6)

By LVicquelin
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Quizlet 2: French Weather in IMAGES

18 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

French colors

By themintymacaron
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Les couleurs- colours

By yumblub2
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By Chai-walla
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FSI French - Colors and Shapes

By Brair_Beauty
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CULTURE in COLOURS 02 - niveau A2+

By teachremion
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Q4 Avoir: English w/ images-French

27 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER