Combination Platters

By EnriqueAguirre101
9 terms by EnriqueAguirre101

Barbra Jean's Entrees and Combination Platters

By mae_healy
29 terms by mae_healy

Uncle Julio's Menu- From Scratch Tex Mex

By kburgess42
13 terms by kburgess42

Taco Unit 1: Acids, Bases, and pH

By Erika_Reeves31
15 terms by Erika_Reeves31

Taco Bell for manager

By Gabby5121
46 terms by Gabby5121

Taco Time

By Cameo_Torres
15 terms by Cameo_Torres

Taco Time

By oracleulyssa
9 terms by oracleulyssa

Taco Bell hold times

By sherahbearah
40 terms by sherahbearah

Taco Bell Portions Test

By breanne_tetzlaff
51 terms by breanne_tetzlaff

Supplies "S" Cupboard

By pthome-ecTEACHER
8 terms by pthome-ecTEACHER

Taco bell abbreviation

By Christie_Griggs
35 terms by Christie_Griggs

Fish Taco Menu

By Naomi_Palmer4
60 terms by Naomi_Palmer4

Taco Bell

By kyle_odett
29 terms by kyle_odett

Taco Johns Menu

By brooksky12398
28 terms by brooksky12398

Taco bell test

By TrueDante
53 terms by TrueDante


10 terms by ANGELAMIRA


By Juliana_Escobedo9
14 terms by Juliana_Escobedo9

tex mex

By jfitzpa1
15 terms by jfitzpa1

Fajita combinations

By tamara_quiteno
9 terms by tamara_quiteno

fajita combinations

By jfitzpa1
9 terms by jfitzpa1

Taco surf

By madihinkle
10 terms by madihinkle


By blake_rives
11 terms by blake_rives

Taco Time

By taylor_ann_toftemark
27 terms by taylor_ann_toftemark

Taco Time Core Menu

49 terms by PA_V


By athrv_grewal
10 terms by athrv_grewal

Taco casa

By Cedric_Hill
22 terms by Cedric_Hill

Youtube images

By athrv_grewal
8 terms by athrv_grewal

Taco Johns

By Carter_Gehl5
37 terms by Carter_Gehl5

Taco Johns

By kaleytwinn
42 terms by kaleytwinn

ESL Irregular Plural Nouns

56 terms by Mindy_HFCTEACHER

Taco Bell menu

By itsahahaha
17 terms by itsahahaha

Ribs, Platters, and Meats

By tylers544
22 terms by tylers544

V - Food

By kentoutcourtTEACHER
58 terms by kentoutcourtTEACHER


By Michelle_Green34TEACHER
48 terms by Michelle_Green34TEACHER

Unit 4 week 1 Fundations word list

By Caitlyn_McCann3
10 terms by Caitlyn_McCann3

Symtalk Level 1 - comida

By DonaPalomaTEACHER
8 terms by DonaPalomaTEACHER

Vocabulary 12 (Dec. 11, 2015) words with "t"

By profenickTEACHER
23 terms by profenickTEACHER

Cap 8 - El restaurante

By mungersc
30 terms by mungersc

ITE Ch 1 Vocab E Storage

By emill713
14 terms by emill713

Food Items for Taco Bell

By Jose_Swindell
13 terms by Jose_Swindell

Taco time menu

By soyhunt
23 terms by soyhunt

TEX-MEX Classics

By Mary_Esparza
15 terms by Mary_Esparza

03 Family Gathering, Living Room, and Fast Food

By MaranathaChrSchoolTEACHER
29 terms by MaranathaChrSchoolTEACHER

Chuy's Menu Combinations

By hannah_thoms5
14 terms by hannah_thoms5

Tortilla cafe

By Precious_Lexis
77 terms by Precious_Lexis


By mmmenu
11 terms by mmmenu

Tortilla cafe

By alexis_tayonna_hart
77 terms by alexis_tayonna_hart

Pdeaux - Set 2 / TOP SELLERS

By gflor
37 terms by gflor