Commands / Imperativos

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Classroom commands / Imperativos

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Commands! - Imperativo!

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Commands- Imperativos

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Spanish Commands (Imperativo)

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InterLangua Commands - Imperativos.

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Lesson 7: Formal commands, Imperativo formale

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irregular commands / imperativos

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Commands (Imperativo) Usdted - Tú

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Tu Commands(Imperativo)

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Formal Commands(Imperativo)

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Spanish Commands (Imperativo)

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Commands! - Imperativo!

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Verbos imperativos (commands)

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Imperativos informales irregulares

20 terms By whinerya Teacher

Affirmative "tú" Commands (El imperativo familiar)

50 terms By sahoffmann Teacher

Imperativos - irregulares (tu - affirmative)

8 terms By DCRangel

!! Commands (Ud/Uds/Tu) Imperativos

40 terms By osogrito

Mandatos (Commands, El Imperativo)

50 terms By sratoth Teacher

U3: El imperativo formal (Ud. commands)

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Imperativo - giving general commands

10 terms By wcspanishvocab Teacher

El imperativo - tú negative commands

9 terms By mapraget Teacher


87 terms By stellanorfleet Teacher

PRACTICANDO VERBOS EN IMPERATIVO O FORMA COMANDO - Practicing Verbs in Command Form in Spanish stell…

99 terms By stellanorfleet Teacher

Commands-el imperativo

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el imperativo formal (commands)

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Imperativo Formal (Formal Commands)

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Spanish Commands


Commands - el imperativo

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Imperativo-Command form practice

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Imperativo/ commands

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Commandi al imperativo - Italian commands

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Imperativo- Commands Irregular

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Commands-El imperativo

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El Imperativo - ER - Change Present to Command

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Imperativo- Commands Irregular

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Tú commands (imperative)

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9 terms By TessaSmith

Sp2 El Imperativo Negative tu commands

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La fruta (Fruit) e los imperativos formales (Formal Commands)

25 terms By srabarrera Teacher

Commands - el Imperativo

22 terms By mrobichaud15

Sp 3H Nosotros & Vosotros commands

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El Imperativo - The COMMAND Form

33 terms By glcar

Spanish Command Form (Imperativo) Irregulars

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El Imperativo (Commands)

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commands (el imperativo)

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Imperativo (Lei, Loro) Commands!

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11 terms By joannapuello

Imperativo (Formal Commands) Ud. & Uds.

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