2nd conj. noun endings

13 terms By karen_goes

1st conj. noun endings

10 terms By karen_goes

22 and 23 3rd conj nouns

11 terms By aulichney

Japanese I: Nouns, Adj, Conjs.

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Latin Final Nouns, Adj, Adv, Conj, etc.

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Nouns 1st conj

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Nouns 2nd conj

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Ch 36 PP and noun Conj.

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Ch 34 PP and Noun Conj.

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Latin Sem 2. Exam Nouns and Adj/Conj

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Nouns (conj)

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Noun/Adj. Declensions & Verb Conj.

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wheelocks vocab quiz prep Nouns Adjectives Conj

24 terms By Chyanne_LaRochelle

Chapter 33 PP and Noun Conj.

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P. 73 noun, adj, conj

11 terms By GrantOBrien

Latin Chap 13 Nouns Adverbs Conj.

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Ch 38 PP and noun conj.

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Ch 41 PP and noun conj.

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Hard Nouns and Conj.

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Chapt. 4 noun, adj, adv, prep, conj

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Ch 45 PP and noun conj.

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Chapter 29 Nouns, pronouns, conj

10 terms By astegman1

Chapt. 2 nouns and conj.

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Latin Chap 4 nouns preposition conj

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ch 46 PP and noun conj

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Latin, Unit 5 (Nouns, Adverbs, Conj.)

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latin nouns adj and conj ch. 17

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List 18 - Nouns/Verbs/Conj/Adv

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Ch 37 PP and noun conj.

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latin 17 nouns

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Latin Ch 43 PP and noun conj

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