Latin 2: Revw of 1st Conj Nouns from Latin 1

34 terms By Zackalak

2nd conj. noun endings

13 terms By karen_goes

1st conj. noun endings

10 terms By karen_goes

22 and 23 3rd conj nouns

11 terms By aulichney

Japanese I: Nouns, Adj, Conjs.

160 terms By opeache

Latin Final Nouns, Adj, Adv, Conj, etc.

41 terms By Faith_McGuire3

Nouns 2nd conj

13 terms By m3lissab3nder

Nouns 1st conj

16 terms By m3lissab3nder

Ch 36 PP and noun Conj.

26 terms By mccormickca20

Latin MILC Week 1 Test - 1st and 2nd decl nouns, sum, actives of 1st and 2nd conj verbs

56 terms By Paul676

Latin MT Week 3: 4th and 5th decl. and defective/variable nouns, passive of 1st and 2nd conj verbs

33 terms By Paul676

Chapter 15 Conj, Employment, and Politics and Society Nouns

38 terms By shawngil

Ch 34 PP and Noun Conj.

9 terms By mccormickca20

Latin Vocabulary Unit 6 Nouns, Adj., Adverbs, Conj.

21 terms By Jihu_Lee

Latin Ch. 4 Vocab (verbs, nouns, conj)

11 terms By kmacklin19

Latin Vocab 21 (nouns and conj.)

18 terms By klamp

Latin Sem 2. Exam Nouns and Adj/Conj

40 terms By alewis2015

Nouns (conj)

4 terms By lemonsavery

Noun/Adj. Declensions & Verb Conj.

29 terms By wooobert95

wheelocks vocab quiz prep Nouns Adjectives Conj

24 terms By Chyanne_LaRochelle

L_chptr_8_preps, nouns, adjs, adverbs, conjs

15 terms By emmacasanova

Ch. 2- 1D Nouns and Adj.; Prep., Conj., Intj.

24 terms By mackenzie_lou5

Chapter 33 PP and Noun Conj.

8 terms By mccormickca20

P. 73 noun, adj, conj

11 terms By GrantOBrien

Latin Chap 13 Nouns Adverbs Conj.

11 terms By gb_jf10

Chapter 6 adj,nouns,pro,adv,prep,conj

16 terms By m3m1kid

MILC Latin MT week 2 - active of 3rd decl. nouns, active of 3rd and 4th conj. verbs and capio

46 terms By Paul676

Ch 38 PP and noun conj.

10 terms By mccormickca20

Ch 41 PP and noun conj.

16 terms By mccormickca20

Latin Workshop - Unit 11 Nouns, Adjs, & a Conj

18 terms By bhouser

Latin Stage 8 NOUNS- Deriv, conj, number

19 terms By bmsibbett__

Chapt. 4 noun, adj, adv, prep, conj

15 terms By parkerhailey18

Ch 45 PP and noun conj.

12 terms By mccormickca20

Latin Vocab Ch. 6 pg. 85- Nouns, adj., adv., prep, conj.

10 terms By Mugsjayne

Chapter 29 Nouns, pronouns, conj

10 terms By astegman1

Chapt. 2 nouns and conj.

13 terms By parkerhailey18

Weird singular and plural nouns (include conj)

31 terms By sam_pecore

vocab quiz latin number...idk, but 3rd conj verbs & nouns & adjs 20-23

31 terms By SabraKadabra

Latin Chap 4 nouns preposition conj

11 terms By jabrams19

ch 46 PP and noun conj

12 terms By mccormickca20

Latin, Unit 5 (Nouns, Adverbs, Conj.)

11 terms By campbelltaylor17

latin nouns adj and conj ch. 17

15 terms By jordonio

OLC Chap. 4 adv, nouns, adj, conj, pronouns

15 terms By bhudasi10

List 18 - Nouns/Verbs/Conj/Adv

14 terms By westich

Ch 37 PP and noun conj.

6 terms By mccormickca20

Latin Vocab Nouns, Adj., Conj., Idioms, Exclamations

12 terms By sparklesummer

latin 17 nouns

15 terms By annekaiser

Latin Ch 43 PP and noun conj

8 terms By mccormickca20

Latin ch. 6 Nouns, Adj., Adv., Prep., Conj.

10 terms By williespight19

List 19 - Nouns/Conj/Adv

10 terms By westich