Nouns 2nd conj

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Chapt. 2 nouns and conj.

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Nouns 1st conj

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Hard Nouns and Conj.

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2nd conj. noun endings

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1st conj. noun endings

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CH 7 Nouns, Conj, Adv

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ch 27 nouns, adv. conj.

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Ch. 33 Nouns/Adj./Conj.

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List 19 - Nouns/Conj/Adv

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Lesson III Vocabulary- NOUNS, ADV., CONJ ONLY

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P. 73 noun, adj, conj

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Noun/Adj. Declensions & Verb Conj.

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Latin Chap 4 nouns preposition conj

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Lesson XVI derivatives & 2nd conj. model noun

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chapter 40 and 41 vocab nouns and conj

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wheelocks vocab quiz prep Nouns Adjectives Conj

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List 18 - Nouns/Verbs/Conj/Adv

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Latin Ch. 4 Vocab (verbs, nouns, conj)

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chapter 44 & 45 vocab noun and conj

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Latin Chapter 9 Nouns, Adverbs, Conj. Vocab

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Latin Stage 8 NOUNS- Deriv, conj, number

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Latin Ch 18 nounD-M conj

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Chapt. 4 noun, adj, adv, prep, conj

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Latin Final Nouns, Adj, Adv, Conj, etc.

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Final List of Nouns, Verbs, Conj, and Adjectives

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Ch. 2- 1D Nouns and Adj.; Prep., Conj., Intj.

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Latin 2: Revw of 1st Conj Nouns from Latin 1

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Latin Vocabulary Unit 6 Nouns, Adj., Adverbs, Conj.

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Chapter 37 Latin Vocab (adv, conj, adj, nouns, verbs)

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Latin Ch. 8 vocab nouns+adj. and adv.+conj.

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L_chptr_8_preps, nouns, adjs, adverbs, conjs

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Latin nouns/adj.s/conj.s/adv.s (Units1&2)

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Parts of speech 😡😡😡

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Adjective, Adverb, Noun clauses

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L24 part of speech

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Aeneid 1.12-22 Nouns & Adjs

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4th declension nouns

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2nd declension nouns and conjunctions

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Latin Chapter 3

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary Parts of Speech

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definate articles, numbers, bello conj.

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