Passive Voice, Present System

18 terms By MagisterCongo Teacher

Passive Voice Present Stem

34 terms By MagisterGunn

Passive voice Present

6 terms By JNL2001

Latin II Midterm Review - Passive Voice Present Stem

27 terms By mixmastervergil Teacher

Present Passive Voice - practice for the CP

42 terms By magisterdavis Teacher

Passive Voice - das Passiv

10 terms By kathisf Teacher

Passive Voice: Present System

27 terms By Learn88

Passive Voice Present

6 terms By RZhao_Latin

Verbs Present Tense - Passive Voice

16 terms By scrappyjab Teacher

Latin Present Tense Passive Voice

30 terms By gillmagistra Teacher

Passive Voice, Present System

7 terms By peyton_alie

Latin 2: passive voice present voice

8 terms By Sydney_Mazat

Passive Voice: Present and Perfect

20 terms By LydonZappa

1st and 2nd conj. Passive voice

6 terms By dquigley25

Present Tense, Passive Voice Endings

6 terms By parkermagnus Teacher

Passive Voice Present System

18 terms By raquelabates

JUNIOR 4A U4 Past & Present Passive Voice

9 terms By jacqueline2014

Latin III passive voice all conjs

20 terms By magistragirl

Passive Voice - Present Tense

6 terms By alliesobol

4th Conj passive present audior

6 terms By TasosAidonis Teacher

moveor 2 conj passive present

6 terms By TasosAidonis Teacher


5 terms By jacqueline2014

Passive Voice Present System: Latin

13 terms By Charlie_Mullin

Passive Voice (Present)

6 terms By alexisdenova12

Practise on Passive Voice(Present-Past)

8 terms By UrsulaRoussou