IR/RE Verb Conjugations

By GFaas
15 terms by GFaas

ER/IR verb conjugations

By snistlerTEACHER
20 terms by snistlerTEACHER

-ir verb conjugations

By Hector_Martinez6TEACHER
16 terms by Hector_Martinez6TEACHER

ER/IR verb conjugations

45 terms by MrRouseTEACHER

-ir/-iss verb conjugations

By MmeNyenhuis
77 terms by MmeNyenhuis

er & ir verbs CONJUGATIONS

By srtahoward
20 terms by srtahoward

-ir verb conjugations

By mmcgregor10
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ER & IR verb conjugations

By bsrubas
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-er/-ir verb conjugations

By llittle
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IR = to go Verb Conjugations

By penelopemiller
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-ir verbs conjugations

By MadameByerlyTEACHER
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By kat127TEACHER
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ir verb conjugations

By jam102
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By Tresa_Megenity
40 terms by Tresa_Megenity

Irregular -IR verbs conjugations

By MmeAZakus
42 terms by MmeAZakus

ER and IR verb conjugations

By SraMaier
70 terms by SraMaier

Conjugate -er/-ir verbs

By SraMonterrosa
70 terms by SraMonterrosa

-IR verbs conjugations

By Mme_StevensTEACHER
66 terms by Mme_StevensTEACHER

Er/ir verb conjugations

By AlisonRhodes8
12 terms by AlisonRhodes8

-ir verb conjugations practice

By pierreserot
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Irregular -IR verbs conjugations

By Mme_StevensTEACHER
55 terms by Mme_StevensTEACHER

IR verb conjugations

By Lisa_Bootsma
18 terms by Lisa_Bootsma

Irregular -ire verbs & conjugations

By signorknight
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-er/-ir Verb Conjugations

By boldenb
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-er/-ir verb conjugations

By SrtaLittle
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-er -ir verb conjugations

By mrsbriggsTEACHER
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-er/-ir verb conjugations

By SraHPerez
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-ir verb conjugations practice

By madamewbTEACHER
73 terms by madamewbTEACHER

-ir verb conjugations practice

By madamewbTEACHER
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regular -ir verbs (conjugations)

By Mlle_Delehanty
19 terms by Mlle_Delehanty

-er/-ir verb conjugations

By sgonzal20TEACHER
26 terms by sgonzal20TEACHER

-IR verb conjugations

By trulyunic
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IR verbs and conjugations

By jennifer_ingleTEACHER
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ir verb conjugations

By barbaraoneilspanishTEACHER
18 terms by barbaraoneilspanishTEACHER

-er/-ir verb conjugations

By Elizabeth_DelahozTEACHER
30 terms by Elizabeth_DelahozTEACHER

ER/IR verb conjugations

By dominiqueadams
10 terms by dominiqueadams

ER & IR Verb Conjugations

By holasenoracahillTEACHER
22 terms by holasenoracahillTEACHER

French - IR Verb Conjugation

By ahodge417
24 terms by ahodge417

#127. -IR verb conjugations

By srroth
16 terms by srroth

ER/IR Verb Conjugations

By senoritacook
34 terms by senoritacook

ir verbs conjugated

By szzamor
10 terms by szzamor

-er/ir verb conjugations

By Cassandra_Sanders
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By mhstepp
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By TAMattoni
12 terms by TAMattoni

FR - IR Verbs & Conjugations

By herrhurdTEACHER
35 terms by herrhurdTEACHER

Ir de Compras Verb Conjugations

By LylesEnglishTEACHER
42 terms by LylesEnglishTEACHER

-ir verb conjugations

By HogsedJ
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-er/-ir verb conjugations

By laurelschoolTEACHER
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ir Verb Conjugations

By mmenoel
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-ir/-s verb conjugations

By MmeNyenhuis
49 terms by MmeNyenhuis