MetroSpan-Conjug IR Verbs

60 terms By profehogue Teacher

Conjugating -IR Verbs

11 terms By srahugueley Teacher

Conjugating IR Verbs in present

22 terms By CStanberry Teacher

Sp1 - 2A - conjugating "ir" verbs

16 terms By martidare

Practice with One Conjugated "IR" Verb *Vivir

28 terms By shieldt Teacher

conjugating IR verbs (finir)

11 terms By mgarlock Teacher

-er/-ir verb conjugations

20 terms By llittle Teacher

Conjugation: IR Verb Endings

10 terms By roblewis1979 Teacher

Conjugating IR Verbs in present

22 terms By srtawilliamson Teacher


40 terms By dchaney Teacher

Sp 1 Unit 3 Conjugating -ir verbs

25 terms By rjblais Teacher

conjugate "ir verb"- regular present tense

10 terms By karatespanish Teacher

Conjugating -ir verbs in the present tense

15 terms By fettetd

Conjugation of AR -ER and IR verbs Present Tense

17 terms By Sandra_Plager1 Teacher

IR Verbs Conjugation

120 terms By SenoraSwain Teacher

3/12/15 ~ Bell 5 ~ -ER/-IR verb conjugation practice

12 terms By sycamoresoto Teacher

Order of Conjugation: Ir Verb Endings

10 terms By Review_Study

Second Conjugation: -ir verbs

22 terms By mosessonera

ER/IR verb conjugations

20 terms By snistler Teacher

Spanish -er/-ir verbs conjugated

96 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

French 10 - Conjugating ir Verbs

6 terms By MKTe

Conjugate -IR Verbs - Both kinds

108 terms By krbaymiller

Conjugating ir verbs

32 terms By SpencerO

French verb conjugation ir ending

30 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Conjugating IR verbs with ABRIR

10 terms By SpxSpanish

-ir verbs conjugations

36 terms By MadameByerly Teacher

Useful er and ir verb conjugations (irregular included)

105 terms By hfranco Teacher

conjugating -ir verbs

6 terms By brabrock

Spanish Verb Conjugating (IR Verbs)

5 terms By Kmckinnon20

Regular Conjugation - IR Verbs

6 terms By TylerAmanaki

Conjugated ER & IR verbs

34 terms By SenoraMigacz Teacher

-IR Verb Conjugation

6 terms By weimaraner

ER/IR Verb Conjugations

6 terms By sranjohnson Teacher

Basic Spanish Conjugation ir verbs

6 terms By myyellowshoe

-ER/-IR Verbs (Spanish 1)

26 terms By bourquephs Teacher

ER IR verb conjugation practice

39 terms By madamereynolds Teacher

-IR verbs conjugated

18 terms By beardchr Teacher

conjugating IR verbs

50 terms By macraec

Conjugating IR Verbs

11 terms By burdinesfarrier

Spanish -ir verb conjugation

12 terms By LWFernandez Teacher

Capasso Present Tense (REGULAR ar,er,ir verbs)

26 terms By robisonc Teacher

Conjugation -er and -ir verbs in Preterite

41 terms By kruegmar Teacher

-ER and -IR Verb Conjugations Present Tense

39 terms By mfalconer Teacher

Chapter 5 -er and -ir verb conjugation practice

30 terms By SepulvedaY Teacher

-ar,-er,-ir verb conjugations

63 terms By lisaraekraus Teacher

conjugating -ir verbs

28 terms By TayaOlsen

AR, ER, IR verb conjugation

56 terms By lmrose Teacher


40 terms By profehernandez Teacher

Conjugation -IR VERBS

20 terms By jyarmovsky

Conjugating IR Verbs in the present tense

6 terms By 15chungjy1