U1L2.2 Definite & Indefinite Articles & Adjective agreement

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Definite Articles

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Article adjectives

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German Definite Article Adjectives Endings

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German: Definite Article Adjective Endings

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Definite articles in Spanish

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NEA - Definite Article Adjectives

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Definite article practice.

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Capitolo Due - Definite Articles - Attività B

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Capitolo Due - Definite Articles - Attività A

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1A Articles, Adjectives and Endings....Oh, my!

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Indefinite & Definite articles Unité 3A

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Definite articles

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Definite Articles Practice

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Definite Article

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Adjectives Definite Article

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Family Members with definite articles

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Definite Articles (el, la, los, las)

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Adjective Endings after definite articles - German 3

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Kapitel 7: definite articles with two-way verbs

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Kapitel 2b: definite articles

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Italian Definite Articles

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À + definite articles

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Spanish Indefinite and Definite Articles

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possessive adjectives and definite articles

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Spanish Definite Article (the)

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Gender - definite articles

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