Adjective Endings - Definite Articles

By Frau_Carr
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Adjective Endings Definite Article

By emilyidk
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Adjective Endings (Definite Article)

By vikingolivia
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Adjective Endings - Definite Article

By MarthaA-T
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12. Definite article and adjective

By Annie_Liu314
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Adjectives, Definite Articles, and Indefinite Articles

By MariaCatarina
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Adjective Endings - Definite Articles

By ellie_johnson46
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Adjectives Definite Article

By Mountaga_Kane
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Adjective Endings - Definite Articles

By NKJ16
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Adjective Endings - Definite Articles

By LottieTitcombe
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Definite articles and adjective endings

By Emmaissteis
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Adjectives with the Definite Article

By starfirepilgrim
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Adjective Endings - Definite Articles

By Sophie_White24
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Definite Article/ Demonstrative Adjectives

By Kaysha_Murday
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Adjectives with the definite article

By tomgeorgeclark96
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Adjective Endings - Definite AND Indefinite articles

By HerrSpencer
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Adjectives, definite articles, indefinite articles

By seth_werner86
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adjectives, definite articles, and indefinite articles

By RachelWGolfer
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Adjectives&Definite and Indefinite Articles

By lnt318
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Vocabulary- Adjectives and Definite Articles

By Jacksonrideout12
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Adjectives after Definite Articles

By sadiecpascop
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Adjectives, Definite, Indefinite Articles

By Blake_Brewer3
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adjectives and definite articles

By antonia-mw-maxwell98
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adjective endings(after definite article)

By christina_coon
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German Adjective Endings (definite article)

By TheRobbie
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Italian definite articles and adjective agreement

By bdaniela1974TEACHER
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Spanish adjective and definite article quiz

By katiefishh
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0 Adjective Endings (the Definite Article)

By totallynotfredchoi
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Italian definite articles and adjective agreement

By tuesdaysue
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vocabulary, adjectives and definite and indefinite articles

By andrewgehan
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German Definite Article Adjectives Endings

By ThePhantomTenor
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Definite articles and their adjective endings

By GinaDunham
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definite and indefinite articles and adjective endings

By mickey_valle-hoag
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Definite/Indefinite Articles + Possessive Adjectives

By Holly_Tang_1130
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German Definite Articles & Possessive Adjectives

By volleygirl10327
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Possessive Adjectives and Definite/Indefinite Articles

By sam_jackson
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Demonstrative adjectives, definite and indefinite articles

By cmontgomery2
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Possessive Adjectives with Definite Articles

By Sara_Nilanddd
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Indefinite and Definite Articles as Adjectives

By Kayeleigh_Eder
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Adjectives & Definite Articles ; 1-27

By m1014dugger
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1-20 Adjectives & definite articles

By Cody_Eason
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other-adjectives & indefinite and definite articles

By camrynh12
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Adjectives and Definite Articles 1-27

By Jeramiah_Gracia
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Adjectives & Definite Articles, 1/27

By barousse1
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