Definite Articles (Nominative & Accusative)

By Zoey_Karpinski
30 terms by Zoey_Karpinski

Definite Article: Nominative & Accusative

By tommyschmieg22
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Schulsachen definite articles-nominative and accusative

By amyahrens74
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Accusative and Nominative Definite and Indefinite Articles

By Logan_Fredekind
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definite and indefinite articles in the nominative case

By Kevin_Mitchell1
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Kapital 2 - Definite Article Nominative and Accusitive

By john_wiegers1
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101 - Week 3 - The Nominal sentence and the definite article

By arabic_albaseerahTEACHER
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C6 - Vocab: Nominative and Accusative; Definite Article

By djeroslow
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Nominative Articles

By jhee1427
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Nominative Articles

By AustinLoberg
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Nominative Articles

By zachgosteady
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Nominative & Accusative Articles

By Frau_Carr
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Nominative and Accusative articles

By jpavlic
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Indefinite Articles (Nominative)

By Zoey_Karpinski
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Possessive Articles (Nominative)

By lyonsjllll
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German Articles: Nominative and Accusative

By cglang
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Nominative case - Articles

By tessaroyal
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Nominative, accusative, and dative articles

By taryn_darby_hammond
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Haben and nominative and accusative articles

By AustinLoberg
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Possessive articles in the nominative case

By Henry_Hon
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Definite articles

By rosita74
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German articles in nominative, accusative, dative

By karlafulmer
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Definite Articles

By mchewn
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Definite Articles

By Omar_Maldonado1
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Definite Articles

By kmbohemond
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Definite articles

By Dodez
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Nominative Cases (Definite + Indefinite)

By SKS13614
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Nominative and Accusative articles with words

By jpavlic
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Nominative and Accusative articles with endings

By jpavlic
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articles final nominative ,dative and accusative

By sabinecosta
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nominative, accusative, dative and genitive articles

By maryn2468
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Definite Articles Spanish

By laurelschoolTEACHER
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Definite Articles

By dblanguage
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Definite Articles (el, la, los, las)

By Spanish-125
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Definite articles

By cpanthro
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Definite articles

By Spanish-teacher
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Definite Articles

By ljsellers
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Definite Articles

By ajvandyke
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Definite articles

By donevans1TEACHER
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Definite Articles

By PerkinsonSpanishTEACHER
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definite articles

By Nenufar63
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Definite Articles

By FrauKrannitz
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