Spanish numbers 100-1.000.000 and Demonstrative Adj.

34 terms By stangej Teacher

Demonstrative Adj. & Pronouns (Realidades 1; 7A y 7B)

40 terms By MsMulligan Teacher

Sp II 2B demonstrative adj

21 terms By vbroaten Teacher

Demonstrative Adj

12 terms By bahenry2006

Demonstrative adj.

46 terms By profscanfy Teacher

BANGS/Demonstrative Adj.- listening activity #1

10 terms By mrSonze Teacher

Demonstrative adj.

15 terms By RochelleChezick

Demonstrative Adj.

12 terms By KAYLA_HAHN

demonstrative adjs./prons.

45 terms By jgerencser

Preterite Verbs, Demonstrative Adjs., and DOP's

45 terms By Emma_blakelyyy

Sra. Doering Demonstrative Adj.

8 terms By SraDoering Teacher

Descubre 1 Lección 6 - Demonstrative adj + vocab

28 terms By erinelynch Teacher

demonstrative adjs

14 terms By alexiainman

Demonstrative Adjs.

12 terms By Bushkies_

demonstrative adj

9 terms By frederickam

Spanish numbers 100-1.000.000 and Demonstrative Adj.

22 terms By naseemdillmanhasso

Descubre L1 C6 demonstrative adj + vocab

28 terms By Span1_2

Demonstrative ADJ's

2 terms By taliabelle

8-1 Vocab (Numbers and Demonstrative Adj. added)


possessive/demonstrative adj

18 terms By skinnerwinner

6-2 2nd demonstrative adj. practice siéntate

46 terms By kristiecoffman

demonstrative adj

12 terms By ToriVincelette

Spanish Unit 6 : Vocab & Demonstrative Adj.

77 terms By tairayaallen

8 Numbers, comparisons, demonstrative adj.

25 terms By SenoritaPancratz

Spanish III: Demonstrative Adjs.

12 terms By naaaee

Demonstrative adj

34 terms By sanders-kristen

Spanish clothes/demonstrative adj. and pronouns

60 terms By becky1339

Spanish: Realidades Capital 2B, Preterite verbs, Demonstrative adj.

55 terms By mariahcecelia74

Demonstrative Adj. and Shopping Questions

25 terms By ashlyndoudna

Spanish Vocab. and Demonstrative Adj.

70 terms By hannaholson23


15 terms By kzwetzig

Fr 8 6A demonstrative adj + clothing + colors

25 terms By Susandickerson

Demonstrative Adj.

20 terms By mrdickson2

demonstrative adj.

12 terms By clancy_kiley

demonstrative adj

12 terms By NinaGuteres

Spanish 1_Final Exam_ Question Words, Demonstrative Adj.

46 terms By D2Fish

Teresa demonstrative adj

8 terms By Teresa_Thoundayil

Demonstrative adj

12 terms By joyb

Spanish Demonstrative Adj, Demonstrative Pronouns

24 terms By margotflynn

Avancemos 2 U3 Spanish Demonstrative Adj, Demonstrative Pronouns

24 terms By gphillip Teacher

Demonstrative adj

39 terms By BAdams1d

Spanish- Argentina/demonstrative adj and pronouns

24 terms By elena_d32

Webb Panorama: Lección 6, Grupo 8 (Demonstrative Adj & Pronouns)

18 terms By brightdoug

Demonstrative adj.

6 terms By IK0N

demonstrative adj.

6 terms By aubreystephens

2B Demonstrative adjs & pronouns

26 terms By SrBenito Teacher

Demonstrative adjs. - este, ese, aquel

24 terms By psurico

demonstrative adj

16 terms By cliffhunter

Demonstrative adjs

7 terms By AbbiShore

Demonstrative Adj., Mercado

35 terms By Ryan_Mccaffery3