Unit 6 Lesson 18 Demonstrative Adjectives & Interrogative Adjectives

20 terms By GlobalLanguage Teacher

Avancemos 2, Unidad 2 lección 1 Demonstrative Adjectives Practice

25 terms By fennspanish Teacher

demonstrative adjectives & pronouns

24 terms By lgranger Teacher

Demonstrative adjectives (Lesson 1 notes)

8 terms By demarcus_cullors Teacher

Exprésate 2 - Capítulo 8.2 - demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

12 terms By bfuller1226 Teacher

Demonstrative adjectives & pronouns

24 terms By okok84

Demonstrative Adjectives 2B

12 terms By srahanson Teacher

Lesson 2-1 grammar: demonstratives (adjectives and pronouns)

24 terms By Diffenderfer216 Teacher

Demonstrative Adjectives and Jewelry

31 terms By megankirschner17

Espanñol 2: Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

29 terms By rehmann

Demonstrative Adjective-Pronouns (Οὗτος)

24 terms By QuarterDragon

Possessive adjectives , Demonstrative adjectives, present progressive

52 terms By Ducksause Teacher

French III Demonstrative Adjectives

41 terms By madamemitch

Demonstratives Adjective and Pronouns Spanish is Fun

12 terms By osogrito

Level 2 2B Demonstrative Adjectives

16 terms By sandyeggo

Demonstrative Adjectives

8 terms By Teresa_Garcia4

Chapter 5 Vocab, APV 2 plus demonstrative adjectives

45 terms By hernan_diaz Teacher

Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns/ Unit 2-1

12 terms By MrLopez85

Demonstrative Adjectives - Branson SSHS

25 terms By gbranson Teacher

Spanish III : Demonstratives: Demonstrative adjectives and Demonstrative pronouns

29 terms By meticulouswritersinc

Demonstrative Adjectives

6 terms By stacia_west

Spanish Demonstrative Adjectives

6 terms By ListeningDaisy

Demonstrative Adjectives

30 terms By Hailey_Courter

demonstrative adjectives

12 terms By peacemonkeylexi

Demonstrative Adjectives

12 terms By Auston_McDaniel

La Ropa y "Demonstrative Adjectives"

41 terms By kenhblankenship

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

40 terms By crystal_vargas69

Avancemos 2, Unidad 2 lección 1 Demonstrative Adjectives Practice

25 terms By ESP1SHS

Demonstrative adjectives (Lesson 2 notes)

6 terms By demarcus_cullors Teacher

4.1 BYU SPAN 43 demonstrative adjectives

27 terms By stbaseden

Demonstrative Adjectives

25 terms By MissKitching

Lección 6.8: Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

12 terms By thespanishbenge Teacher

Demonstrative Adjectives

14 terms By weitzeljulie

UD 1 etapa 3: demonstrative adjectives

3 terms By jaalonso1983 Teacher

Demonstrative Adjectives

40 terms By estlsmith

demonstrative adjectives

24 terms By IC-SraL

Sp2: 7A-Demonstrative Adjectives

35 terms By dgingrich

Demonstrative Adjectives

20 terms By MrRussell

Demonstrative Adjectives

12 terms By rolexenko

Emily Cao May 29, 2013 Marcel Losier World Language Department French 1 Period B Semester 2 Final Ex…

6 terms By EmoolyCow

ce, cet, cette, ces: this, that, those, these (the demonstrative adjectives)

9 terms By pbirien Teacher

Español 2 - 7A Demonstrative Adjectives

60 terms By lindsycusic

Demonstrative Adjectives - French

4 terms By mehlers1025

8.1 Grammar: Quedar and Demonstrative Adjectives/Comparisons

29 terms By Sarah_Jackson32 Teacher

Demonstrative adjective

6 terms By Mary_Velasquez6

Demonstrative adjectives

25 terms By lgaray

Vistas - Lección 6 - Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns with Indirect Object Pronouns

10 terms By anaosborne

Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

24 terms By profesnyder

D'accord 1, 6A.1 - demonstrative adjectives

24 terms By katysalzman Teacher

hic haec hoc: demonstrative adjective

27 terms By RhetorMarcus Teacher