Voc 5B - People: Talk about & Describe - p.90 (B)

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describe people, talk about experiences

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describe people & talk about experiences

By drnycga
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Describing people/ Talking about experiences

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Describing People & Talking About Experiences

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VOCAB- describing people/talking about experiences

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Describing People, Talking About Experiences, Body Parts

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Spanish Vocab (Describe People, Talk About Experiences)

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Spanish IV: Describe People & Talk About Experiences pg. 51

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Describing People

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4.9 people, talking about people

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Talking about and describing people

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Spanish describing people and talking about problems

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Spanish Vocab Talk About and Describe People

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talk about & describe people

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Describe People and Talk About Experiences

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To talk about you and others/describing people

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To Talk About and Describe People in Spanish

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to describe people and talk about table items

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Capitulo 1: Describing People and talking about Chores

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Vocabuary-People-Talking about...

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Talk About People

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To talk about and describe people

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Spanish 1B - 5B To talk about people, to describe people and things

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German- Talking About the Family/Describing people/Possessives

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