Wie bist du? - describing people and animals

20 terms By rosgreen Teacher

describe people

33 terms By Sra_Ingersoll_Meyer Teacher

EAL A1: Describing People

21 terms By myersale Teacher

Describing people

27 terms By LindsayJMarshall Teacher

CCS INDO-Year 8, Describing People

13 terms By petersenjk Teacher

Describing people

29 terms By blankag Teacher

Indonesian - Describing People

30 terms By woolooware Teacher


17 terms By lupita_giesseler Teacher

A1/A2 Describing people

50 terms By csaba_szalai Teacher

8.3 Describing People

14 terms By SarahPerry4 Teacher

Describing people

31 terms By greece666 Teacher

Adjectives to Describe People

14 terms By SraRosey Teacher

Describing people

54 terms By Peter_Noonan45 Teacher

Describing People 2

23 terms By eflclassroom Teacher

Year 7 - adjectives to describe people

12 terms By Smith_Greneway Teacher

les adjectifs - describing people

10 terms By andrea_kemp1 Teacher

Describing people in Spanish

34 terms By maestrakim Teacher

YS2. Unit 1C. Describing people.

11 terms By x-yulika-x Teacher

Describing people

23 terms By senoralauraclark Teacher

Describing people

19 terms By rgregory Teacher

describing people

13 terms By nzerna Teacher

Ch 5.1 vocab describing people

31 terms By traceyherbert Teacher

Describing People (Adjectives)

24 terms By SnrRhodes Teacher

ALCPT Unit 1 Describing People (Thematic Vocabulary)

20 terms By MisterChristopher Teacher

describing people

17 terms By SASFrenchteacher Teacher

NEF intermediate U 3B describing people voc. bank p.149

30 terms By wannes Teacher

Adjectives to describe people

36 terms By kctaurus Teacher

Gahanna Spanish I Chapter 5.1 describing people

33 terms By frionij Teacher

Describing people

31 terms By Ursulahn Teacher

Forms of Sein and Adjectives to Describe People/Things

45 terms By FrauGeorgeMHS Teacher

1 a&b Describing people

84 terms By sgrosehchs Teacher

Describing people

50 terms By shannonmckeighan Teacher


85 terms By fidelmonge Teacher

Describing people

10 terms By nswarren

Describing People

36 terms By BerkBuc Teacher

Describing People

15 terms By wandahuber Teacher

S1 Vocab Bk English Unit 2: Describing People's Appearances

22 terms By racowler Teacher

Realidades 1 1B Describing People

46 terms By SraCarter Teacher

adjectives to describe people

20 terms By MmeSanders Teacher

Chapter 1 - Describing people

74 terms By eblanchflower Teacher

[1, 2]Describe people - Vocabulary

12 terms By LingoLocal Teacher

EF Pre Unit 1B - Describing people

32 terms By Ekaterina_S_ Teacher

[1, 2]Describe people - Different people - Reading

8 terms By LingoLocal Teacher

2. Describing People Apperance

37 terms By sergei_yegorov Teacher

Describing people Vocabulary

35 terms By MrRouse Teacher

Ch. 2.2 Describing People

47 terms By sra_moore Teacher

Unit 2,1: Describing People

37 terms By Srkennedy Teacher

L1 5B to talk about people, to describe people and things, to describe how someone feels

20 terms By mccarli Teacher

ELL Describing people

12 terms By ehlinger Teacher

Unité 5 - Describing People

15 terms By alisonjphillips Teacher