hindi learning

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Hindi learn

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hindi learn-2

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Devanāgarī Alphabet for Hindi

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Hindi learning Intermediate 1

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#30C: Compound Hindi postposition in devanagari script

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#9A: Hindi Colors in devanagari script

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Devanagari Consonants

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Hindi Days of the Week

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#7A: Common Hindi verbs in devanagari script.

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Hindi Alphabet - Word Chart

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Devanāgarī Alphabet for Hindi, part 2

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Hindi and Urdu Numbers and Numerals: 1 to 10

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#9B: Hindi colors transliterated in English

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Devanagari alphabet (with IAST translit.)

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Devanagari alphabet (with ITRANS translit.)

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#1A: Hindi vowels with pronunciation in devnagari script

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#20 A: Partial Hindi Consonants (11- 20) alphabets in devanagari script.

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Hindi "A" Words- Hindi/English

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Hindi (Devanagari) Alphabet

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#8A: Hindi Opposites in devanagari script

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#12B: Partial Hindi consonants, alphabets (with English eg.)

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Entire Hindi QUERTY Keyboard

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Hindi - Der Körper (Devanagari)

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#33 Vocabulary in devanagari

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#4A: Hindi Prounouns ( First, second and third person) in devanagari script

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Hindi - Wegbeschreibungen (Devanagari)

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#5B: Common Hindi body parts transliterated in English

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Leseübung für Devanagari 01

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Hindi - Essen (Devanagari)

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Elementary Hindi - Lession 1 (Devanagari reading practice)

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Hindi - Zeitwörter (Devanagari)

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#10A: Pronouns with their corresponding endings, auxillary verbs in devanagari script

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Devanagari Vowels

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Hindi - Klassenzimmer & Lernen (Devanagari)

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Devanagari Syllabary

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Hindi (Devanagari) Alphabet 4- Matras

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Hindi Numbers 0-30

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A Door into Hindi 03 - deutsch (german!) (Devanagari)

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Jß Hindi | Devanagari देवनागरी

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Hindi - A Door into Hindi: Lesson 01 (Deutsch) (Devanagari)

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Devanagari Within-word Vowels

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#2 : Hindi consonants, alphabets transliterated in English

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Hindi/Urdu Numbers: Eights

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Hindi Vowels - Word Chart

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Hindi - zusammengesetze Verben mit करना (Devanagari)

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Hindi - Farben (Devanagari, Umschrift in Klammern)

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Devanagari Vowel Diacritics

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