Digestion, Transport, Defense (IB Biology) (2015)

80 terms By heymisterlee Teacher

Digestion/Transport of Carbs

18 terms By kish3

Carb Digestion & Transport

18 terms By davidianacone

Digestion & Transport Digestion

35 terms By Tylar_Bennett

Digestion/transport of carbs

52 terms By Avery3592

digestion & transport

24 terms By rquinn15

Digestion & Transport of Dietary Lipids

36 terms By danielle_owerko

Biology Digestion + Transport

55 terms By ambi1212

922 Block 3 Digestion & Transport of Lipids

114 terms By ansleyfeltman

Digestion - Transporters

13 terms By alicecd94

Dietary Fat Digestion & Transport

12 terms By MICHELLE_PALMA13

Lipid Digestion, Transport, and Beta oxidation

19 terms By lauren_hrynyshyn

Lipid Digestion & Transport

9 terms By hadykhalifa5

Cell Organelles, Cell Theory, Transport- AAPS

18 terms By Hey_Mr_Mason Teacher

Cell Organelles, Cell Theory, Transport

23 terms By kanderson_13 Teacher

Cell Organelles & Cellular Transport

30 terms By rfervin Teacher

Cell Organelles, Cell Theory, Transport

18 terms By Jennifer_Smith3 Teacher

Digestion and Transport Digestion

41 terms By vraphtis

Vocabulary - Cells & Cell Transport

36 terms By Douglas_Enns Teacher

Digestion, Absorption, & Transport

34 terms By charisse_carter