Discovering French 3 reprise le passe compose

By yuxin_CHEN6
26 terms by yuxin_CHEN6

Discovering French Nouveau Blanc- Lesson 7 aller-present and passe compose

By sharonkolmanTEACHER
15 terms by sharonkolmanTEACHER

Unite 7/ discovering French bleu /Le passe Compose avec avoir

By MadameHewesTEACHER
21 terms by MadameHewesTEACHER

Discovering French Blanc - Passé Composé Practice

By MadameParkinsonTEACHER
16 terms by MadameParkinsonTEACHER

Discovering French Nouveau Blanc Passé Composé

By didier91380
20 terms by didier91380

Discovering French bleu Unité 7 Leçon 22 le passé composé

22 terms by MmeGillTEACHER

Discovering French Bleu Unité 7 leçon 23 -le passé composé

By MadamePiersol
10 terms by MadamePiersol

french passé composé irregular

By ahodge417
20 terms by ahodge417

Passé Composé - French IB

By emily_malettaTEACHER
51 terms by emily_malettaTEACHER

* Discovering French Blanc Lesson 15: Passé composé practice

By vincentkershner
16 terms by vincentkershner

French - DOP in the Passé Composé

By suzanne_dallasTEACHER
24 terms by suzanne_dallasTEACHER

Passe compose french 3

By marthathompsonTEACHER
136 terms by marthathompsonTEACHER

French revision passe compose

11 terms by SAS_

French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

By grindersTEACHER
30 terms by grindersTEACHER

Discovering French Nouveau, Unité 2, Leçon 6A-6B (Passé Composé)

By Monsieur_FritzTEACHER
35 terms by Monsieur_FritzTEACHER

French Imparfait & Passé Composé

By teraob
27 terms by teraob



Passé Composé - English to French

By MadameByerly
21 terms by MadameByerly

French Passé Composé

By Stephy33
16 terms by Stephy33

Discover blanc L23: passé composé (w/avoir)

By MmeTranquila
20 terms by MmeTranquila

Discover blanc L23: passé composé w/ÊTRE

By MmeTranquila
21 terms by MmeTranquila

French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

By lowmellTEACHER
25 terms by lowmellTEACHER

French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

By RunsWithASharpieTEACHER
35 terms by RunsWithASharpieTEACHER

FRENCH - passe compose

By ClassyGirl123
16 terms by ClassyGirl123

Passé Composé - French IB

By joneska
38 terms by joneska

French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

By vanessa_barton9
30 terms by vanessa_barton9

IB French passe compose

By vahedir
35 terms by vahedir

Passe Compose French

By sardrey1
53 terms by sardrey1

French Verbs passe compose

By Jacob_Taft
24 terms by Jacob_Taft

French Passe Compose

By Nathalaylay
53 terms by Nathalaylay

French 4 Passe Compose

By marthathompsonTEACHER
499 terms by marthathompsonTEACHER

French Passe Compose-irregular pictures

By jesuitaTEACHER
30 terms by jesuitaTEACHER

French Passe Compose-irregular

By GraceRamo
30 terms by GraceRamo

French Passe Compose Words

By mithompson
38 terms by mithompson

French - Passé Composé - Verbs Regular

By rantho2000TEACHER
38 terms by rantho2000TEACHER

French passé composé

By thebigdooz
14 terms by thebigdooz