5.2 Telling someone what to do and not to do Spanish 2

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Telling someone what to do and not to do Spanish 2

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Things You Do... Spanish 2

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Moving and Doing (Spanish 2 Expressions_2)

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Spanish 2, Unit 4, Cuando era niño, When I was a child, Activities we used to do, Places we used to go

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¿Qué te gusta hacer? - What do you like to do?

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17-Spanish: Super Verb Present Tense ↓ - Give-Have-Can-Do - elkwv

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Spanish 2 - To Do/Make

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What do you like to do? - Spanish 1

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How often we do: Spanish 2

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Realidades 2-3A - Places to Go and Things to Do (Sra. Flores' class)

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3-VC Spanish: To DO or To MAKE

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What we do in school

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Unit 1- What you like to do

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What I like to do - Spanish

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Spa 2 Ch 1A verb phrases - actions students may do in classes

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What do you like to do: Spanish Vocab

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Spanish 2 end of year final part 2 (DOP-replace direct object pronoun do not translate into english)

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Spanish 2 final (hopefully I do good)

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Spanish 2: packet 2 quiz 2 (what do you do in your classes)

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What do you like to do? -Spanish

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Spanish 2- Things You Do in School

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Spanish 2 -do to oneself

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Spanish 2; Things you do

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PCC Sequence of events and how often you do things

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What people do (Occupations)- Spanish 2

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Spanish 2- to do words

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Talking about what people do for a living-Spanish 2

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How Often You Do Things

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Spanish 2 vocab 5.2 (hopefully I do good)

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What I like to do; Spanish words

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Unit 3: What do you like to do? (Spanish)

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SPANISH 2-Realidades 2-Capítulo 1B(What do you do at classes?)

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What do you like to do? - Spanish 1

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Infinitives: a "to do" list (Diccionario)

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7.1 Gramática - How do I use reflexive verbs in Spanish?

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What do you Have to do? (spanish)

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BiologyLords do Spanish numbers(1-20)

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What do you like to do? Spanish Vocab

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What do you do spanish chapter 2 B

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Negative informal commands (#2) -"Don't do it!" commands. (Spanish 2, Ch. 3B reference)

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Spanish 2 vocab talking about what people do for a living

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Spanish 2 Ch. 2 Sec 5 What we do in school

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What Do You Like To Do? Spanish Words

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En español 1:Unidad 2 etapa 2 doing things at different times

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Definition Do Spanish Words

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Spanish 2-Week 3 and 4-Para Empezar-Part 2-Talk about things you and other people do; talk about how…

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Spanish 2: To talk about what you do in School

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What do you do after school?

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Spanish 2:2 Where you do different activities in your free time

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