Things to do/Time saving tips

69 terms By Georges-Marie Teacher

Things to do, Time

44 terms By GFeest

Doing Time Online

18 terms By jmfimmen

doing time online ian and isaac

22 terms By ehsienglish

doing time online Ava emilie

5 terms By ehsienglish

doing time online ian and isaac

22 terms By Khandt10

Daily Routine and Telling Time

36 terms By IECstudy Teacher

What I do in my free time

10 terms By Smith_Greneway Teacher

B5U2-What Time Do You Get Up?

8 terms By viviclin Teacher

Time (Beginners)

11 terms By akash_tate

Hobbies: What do people do in their free time?

13 terms By NormaShinn Teacher

Free Time

33 terms By IECstudy Teacher

Jobs + Like doing

15 terms By bamarcia Teacher

English Time 4 - Unit 9 (outdoor activities)

8 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

(U.2) Telling Time

30 terms By marielineallen Teacher

LIT. Unit 4 What time do you ...?

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16 terms By marinouschool Teacher


76 terms By tredders Teacher

Time Loss

29 terms By brainrnd

I-7.2 What time do you go home?

52 terms By yumikomuneishi Teacher

McKenzie's times tables

155 terms By tfaulkner

Free-time activities & interests - U1

23 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

Talking about what you do in your free time

30 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

Starter Do not I know you?

51 terms By alexis_radney Teacher

Listos 1 - Module 6-What do you like to do?

8 terms By maynardspanish Teacher

A) What were you doing at the following times?

6 terms By burhanpeynirci Teacher

What do you do at break time?

10 terms By Le_Giang4

TSUMIKI 1 Doing things at particular times p.138

20 terms By aribandosensei Teacher

Clocks/Time match-up game

23 terms By Marine_Gualtieri Teacher

As-tu un petit job? - Do you have a part time job?

20 terms By Mr_Morton_HAPU Teacher

Free-time activities

12 terms By joperamos Teacher

Hello Kids Book 5 What time do you...?

51 terms By JoanneTseng Teacher

Things I do in my free time

20 terms By MmeSanders Teacher

Time phrases - French

12 terms By MmeKendall Teacher