Leçon 5 proposer, accepter, donner un ordre (chinois)

By ichigo591993
56 terms by ichigo591993

Mandarin - 05 - Proposer, accepter, refuser, donner un ordre

20 terms by Alain_ARTOIS

Nombre positif et negatif

By erinboberin456
9 terms by erinboberin456

Nombre positif et négatif

By lucybalogh
8 terms by lucybalogh

chasser à échouer

By Lisa_Russell49TEACHER
23 terms by Lisa_Russell49TEACHER

Les nombre négatif et positif

By MajesticPete7
9 terms by MajesticPete7

Les définitions

By christof19
11 terms by christof19

General Business Vocabulary

By LizHodgkinsonGreer
197 terms by LizHodgkinsonGreer

Le caractère et la personnalité - 4Ga (FR-FR)

By dcprobstTEACHER
44 terms by dcprobstTEACHER

Thème 3 : L'esthétique (Contextes 1 - 2)

45 terms by STEPHANIE_Myers37

Le chandail

By dr_dmd
30 terms by dr_dmd

Le chandail de hockey

By dr_dmd
30 terms by dr_dmd

FR 3 - Cyrano de Bergerac, Acte III

By mlle_burnetteTEACHER
43 terms by mlle_burnetteTEACHER

Chapitre I : la notion de droit

By moe_maiotui
11 terms by moe_maiotui

Ordre et instruction

By laurence_ren
13 terms by laurence_ren

tips for a great party (voc description)

By camille_holveck
21 terms by camille_holveck

Le caractère et la personnalité

By sp9
50 terms by sp9

Le Petit Prince: Vocabulaire 2

By MlleHannonTEACHER
20 terms by MlleHannonTEACHER

Il est beau, mon lavabo

By smooffbelgium
31 terms by smooffbelgium

False friends

By michaelhowdenTEACHER
16 terms by michaelhowdenTEACHER

Synonymes ang

By www_catia
80 terms by www_catia

1° Gender Roles - HW2. Women's rights in the USA

By mrsherault
13 terms by mrsherault

Unregalmässiger Verben

By Stevengaborieau
10 terms by Stevengaborieau

1-demander et donner

113 terms by ZIAD_LABIB

Vocabulaire du film Populaire

By sachsmicheleTEACHER
34 terms by sachsmicheleTEACHER

Révisions Brevet

By francaisdineschiens
14 terms by francaisdineschiens

Phelma séance du 4/11

By katrin_henze
9 terms by katrin_henze

Lecon 4 B

By kibu23
25 terms by kibu23

Genial A2-14 p.93

By rdiv
14 terms by rdiv

le nouveau taxi

By quizlette600661
11 terms by quizlette600661

1S Kinder an die Macht 2

By mhdx
9 terms by mhdx

Les definition

By lucdaliz20
9 terms by lucdaliz20

Modal verbs: vocabulary list

By VokabulaTEACHER
29 terms by VokabulaTEACHER

French 3H/4H Arsène Lupin: L'arrestation

By NothnagleMa
33 terms by NothnagleMa

French Work

By Dylan_Baijnauth
65 terms by Dylan_Baijnauth

New structures

By ananasdeparis
11 terms by ananasdeparis

Leçon 4 (B)

By payenne
25 terms by payenne


By annaszym
29 terms by annaszym

4B Ne nous énervons pas

By DavidIGS
22 terms by DavidIGS

Französisch❤️ 2

By Kira_M5
11 terms by Kira_M5

Voc español

By Eloise_Burr
14 terms by Eloise_Burr

NL A2 mediamarkt

By drzdmn
26 terms by drzdmn

Frans woordenlijst H6

By hassani1
123 terms by hassani1

Vths French General Vocab 10 - Classroom language and instruction

By mcfbrownTEACHER
61 terms by mcfbrownTEACHER

Classroom language

By lennott
61 terms by lennott

Discriminations au travail

By vilaso_galego
152 terms by vilaso_galego

Les Trois Mousquetaires 2016

By szzamor
20 terms by szzamor