Irregular informal commands (tú form)

8 terms By vecheverri Teacher

los mandatos -affirmative "tú" form

33 terms By SraJW Teacher

DF1: Classroom Commands - "tu" form

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Tu form commands- regular and irregular

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Tú form commands with pronouns

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Spanish 3 Commands (Tú Forms)

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commands tu form

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commands tu form. ar er ir

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Spanish Commands (tu form)

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Affirmative Commands- Tú Form

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mandatos (commands) tú form

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13 B. Tú form commands- regular and irregular

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Tu form commands- regular and irregular

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tú form commands - positive & negative

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familiar commands (tú commands)

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Tu form commands- regular and irregular

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Irregular Commands (tú form)

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Spanish commands tú form negativo

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Basic Spanish Commands "Tu" Form

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commands tu form irregulars

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Do this! French verbs to recognize on command! (Tu-Forms)

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Command tu form

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irregular commands (tu form)

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Familiar Commands- Tú form

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Spanish irregular commands tú form

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Spanish 2 Commands "tú" form

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informal commands - tu form

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Spanish imperativos (commands, tú form)

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Commands Tú form

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irregular commands Tú form

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Informal Spanish Commands (tú)

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Affirmative informal commands(tú form)

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Commands - Tú Form - Irregular - Pg 120

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Irregular Commands (Tú form)

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commands tú form

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Commands - tú form

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tú form commands with pronouns (2)

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spanish quiz commands tu form

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command tu form

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Spanish 1: Affirmative Informal Commands: Tú form and meaning

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Commands tu form

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Affirmative commands in the tú form

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Irregular Commands--Tú affirmative--telling a friend what to do

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Irregular commands (tu form)

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Irregular Verbs Commands "Tu" Form

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Spanish Commands - Irregulars (Tú form)

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Commands "Tu" Form

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Commands Tú Form

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irregular tu form commands negative

8 terms By foltzm Teacher

Irregular Commands (Tu Form)

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