DPT Anatomy I Exam

220 terms By claire_eischer

Emory DPT Anatomy I Introduction Part I

202 terms By amanda_colette

MCPHS DPT Anatomy I (Upper)

494 terms By Shawn_Moore

Anatomy: Hand Injuries

26 terms By Jcamarato

Anatomy-posterior neck and back

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Anatomy-anterior neck

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Back Pictures

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Muscles of the Craniocervical Region

52 terms By daniellerae33

Extrinsic Muscles of the Back

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Muscles of the Thoracic Wall

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Muscles of the Abdominal Wall

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Spinal Muscles

75 terms By haymgla

Intrinsic Muscles of the Back

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Deep Muscles of the Back

51 terms By rpcook29

Muscles of the Back

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Scapular Group

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Superficial Muscles of the Back

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