Anti-Depressant and Anti-Maniac Drugs

By Mazen17
10 terms by Mazen17

Anti-epileptic Drugs

By lindsey_sellers
25 terms by lindsey_sellers

Pharm- Anti Cancer drugs

By hemsdoc21
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Pharm- Anti Cancer drugs

By hemsdoc21
36 terms by hemsdoc21

Anti-Nausea and Anti-emetic Drugs

By codehnal
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Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Gout Drugs

By LindsW
33 terms by LindsW

Anti-Fungal and Anti-Parasitic Drugs

By Jordan_Townsley
46 terms by Jordan_Townsley

Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs

107 terms by UT_SEF

Pharmacology - Anti Convulsant Drugs

By minh_max_nguyen
24 terms by minh_max_nguyen

Pharmacology: Anti-inflammatory Drugs

By RandiEmerling
24 terms by RandiEmerling

Anti arrhythmic Drugs

By miral_gandhi
24 terms by miral_gandhi

Anti arrhythmias drugs

By zaneb_ali
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Anti viral drugs

By burt_masem
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Anti HIV drugs MOA

By ijanvs
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Pharm Anti-Hypertensive Drugs

By whollis12
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Anti Cancer Drugs

By will_deeley
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Anti hypertensive drugs

By zaneb_ali
40 terms by zaneb_ali

Anti-arrhythmic Drugs (AADs)

By Schmersahl
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Anti-Hypertensives and anti-lipidemia drugs

By steidlat
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Anti-arrhythmic Drugs

By kwehrhei
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Anti parasitic drugs

By JeyJC
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Anti-parkinsonian drugs

By Hakim_Rezgui
11 terms by Hakim_Rezgui

Anti- arrhythmic drugs

By Stepwill328
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Anti-Malarial DRUGS

By Indrani9
22 terms by Indrani9

Anti protozoal drugs

By Indrani9
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Anti-Coagulation Drugs

By LukeBrute
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Anti Coagulation and Anti Platelet Drugs

By Melissa_Hernandez1
24 terms by Melissa_Hernandez1

Anti-Parkinson Drugs

By kateshen330
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Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs

By mschopi
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Anti-inflammatory drugs

By Sharon_O1
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Anti-Epileptic Drugs

By LukeBrute
10 terms by LukeBrute

Anti-Parkinson's Drugs

By stefano_torkos
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Pharmacology: Anti-diabetic Drugs

By Cassandre_Aman
27 terms by Cassandre_Aman

Anti-epileptic Drugs

By gchierici
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Pharm: Anti-Parasitic Drugs

By kelcie_brown
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Anti-inflammatory etc. drugs

By iiibalesiii
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Anti-arrhythmic drugs

By IngleDO_2019
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Anti-Parkinson Drugs

By jhagen2
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Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

By Javi2639
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Anti-Anginal Drugs

90 terms by UT_SEF

anti-adrenergic drugs

By seanjansingh
27 terms by seanjansingh

Pharm: Anti-Diabetic Drugs

By kelcie_brown
41 terms by kelcie_brown

PHARM: Anti-Seizure Drugs.

By tombreen10
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Anti-Virals, Anti-TB drugs

By Kenneth_Yun
15 terms by Kenneth_Yun

Anti-Anxiety Drugs (BZs)

By ashlee_taylor8
9 terms by ashlee_taylor8

Anti-epileptic drugs also Anti-Parkinson DRUG

By acamilo1
11 terms by acamilo1

Anti-epileptics= anti-sezure drugs

By temi_f
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Anti-helminthic Drugs

By Indrani9
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Topical Anti-fungal Drugs

By lizrogan49
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Anti infective Drugs

By mikek321
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