Cardiovascular Drugs - Anti Hypertensive Drug Side effects (DIT 16)

19 terms By kckenney

GI drugs: anti-diarrhea drugs

6 terms By hoiying_bernice

Chemotherapy drugs (anti-microtubule) (anti-M) and Asparaginase

7 terms By ekersha

Psych drugs-anti depressants and mood stabilizers

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Pharm exam 3: Autocoid Drugs/Anti inflammatory drugs

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Week 2 Drugs (anti-HTN 1)

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Cardiovascular Drugs (Anti anginals)

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Cardio - Drugs - Anti Arrhythmia

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Drugs (Anti-TB)

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Drugs (Anti-Virals)

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psych drugs/ anti-psychotics

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Pharm (3d) Drugs Anti-anxiety

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Drugs & Anti-nociception

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Lec 16 Antiepileptic Drugs, anti-seizure meds

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Drugs (Anti-Parasitic)

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Cardiovascular Drugs: Anti-Arrhymthmics Class I: Sodium channel blockers

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Cardiovascular Drugs - Anti-anginals

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GEP B&B drugs: Anti psychotics (sedation)

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Psychotherapeutic drugs/ anti-depressants

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psych drugs/ anti-parkinson drugs

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GIT drugs: anti diarrheal

21 terms By chocLover

Comp 3 mental health drugs, anti psychotics

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Ch.8 Gastrolintestinal Drugs/ Anti-infective drugs-aminoglycoside/antibiotic

3 terms By katie_henschel

GI Drugs Anti-vomiting drugs and other

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Top 200 Drugs: Anti-Biotic

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Ch.8 Gastrolintestinal Drugs/ Anti-infective drugs-penicillin

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Pharm Drugs anti infective

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DRUGS: Anti-Coagulants

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Drugs: Anti-Cancer USMLE

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Pharm Block 1 drugs (anti-HTN & diuretics)

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Drug - anti hypertensive

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Cholesterol Drugs; anti-anginal meds

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50 Drugs - Anti-infectives

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common drugs-ANTI PSYCHOTICS

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Week 3 Drugs (anti-HTN 2)

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Pharm Test Drugs: Anti-Depressants

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psych drugs anti depressants/bi-polar/ convulsants etc

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Immunosuppressive drugs (Anti-rejection)

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Drugs Anti-psychotics

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Cardio Drugs / Anti-Gout Drugs

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Pharm-GI Drugs: Anti-Diarrheals

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Cardiovascular drugs - Anti-arrhythmics

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Top 200 Drugs: Anti-Depressant

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Drugs - Anti-mycobacterial (mostly TB)

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Ch. 10,11,12,13 Drugs: Anti-Parkinson agents

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Ch.8 Gastrolintestinal Drugs/ Anti-infective drugs-Antituberculars

3 terms By katie_henschel

Innovator Drugs - Anti-amebiasis, Antiprotozoals, Trypanosomoiasis and Leishmaniasis

13 terms By Mauwyn