Pharmacology Drugs by groups Quiz 2

84 terms By frank_sainzcapote Teacher

Abused drugs - by groups

54 terms By phutson

Abused Drugs by Groups

33 terms By caitweeks

Dog Breeds by Group

14 terms By simunike Teacher

Cancer Drugs by Groupings

30 terms By sammie_searcy

Lewis Diagrams 3 (by group)

6 terms By JimRusconi Teacher

Exam 1 - General Drug Uses (by group)

9 terms By cassieruth4

Lewis structure by group

8 terms By JimRusconi Teacher

Drugs by Generic Name

38 terms By chunchunw

Drugs by Brand Name

80 terms By chunchunw

Antianginal Drugs by Hernandez 8.20.15

40 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

Hypertension Drugs by Hernandez (8.21.15)

39 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

Exam 4 Drugs by Class/Groupings & Concepts to Know

90 terms By clandreo

Community: Drug Interactions by Groups

133 terms By rfeinberg

Pulses by groups

23 terms By jvarko Teacher

Drugs by Class

16 terms By rosesmom2008

Top 100 Selling Prescription Drugs by Number of Prescriptions

100 terms By james_dexter

Thrombolytic and Anticoaguant Drugs by Hernandez (4-15-15)

74 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

Antineoplastic Drugs by Hernandez (4-28-15)

87 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

Spring 2015 Top Drugs (By Brand) (Block C)

46 terms By ashleyEjung

PHARM: Drugs by Class

157 terms By prisskrillex

IPAP 15-3 Microscopic morphology by group MOD 3

22 terms By robertholley1979

AKC breeds by group

174 terms By Csabo38

Behavioral drugs by therapeutic class

35 terms By Ellembee

Fall 2014 Top Drugs By Brand (Block B)

33 terms By ashleyEjung

Fall 2014 Top Drugs by Brand (Block C)

33 terms By ashleyEjung

13 Colonies: by groups

13 terms By jepynes Teacher

Drugs, Microbes, and Hosts: Grouping Drugs by Target

11 terms By molly_obermark

Psych Drugs by Indication

53 terms By quoblack

Informal Roles Assumed by Group Members

8 terms By Sarah_Dean88 Teacher

Psychiatric Drugs by Name

22 terms By brentandrew

Transition Metals by Group.

30 terms By philngo

Lewis structure by group

8 terms By cicortes Teacher

13 Colonies: by groups

13 terms By meghansen Teacher

Spring 2015 Top Drugs (By Brand) (Block A)

34 terms By ashleyEjung

Immunosuppressive Drugs by Hernandez (4-29-15)

44 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

Chinese Herbs by Groups

16 terms By katyakud

Cardiac drugs by class

18 terms By diamondjmh

Drugs by Hernandez (Antipsychotics and Antidepressants)

68 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

1-50 Top Sell Drugs by Number of scripts

50 terms By james_dexter

Antiplatelet Drugs by Hernandez (4-15-15)

41 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

S2-L64: Add by grouping 10's

10 terms By DeeRoth Teacher

Medic 15 Drugs By Indication

70 terms By fbulson

Spring 2015 Top Drugs (By Brand)(Block B)

33 terms By ashleyEjung

Fall 2014 Top 33 Drugs (By Brand) (Block A)

33 terms By iheartdrugs

Top 200 Drugs by Prescription (2007) Set I

100 terms By Lovethechicklet

Drugs by Patel (all 3 lectures-Anemia, Malaria, and Chemo)

127 terms By Coleman_Cosgrove

Immuno HIV Drugs by Class

33 terms By LAPharmGirl

Drugs by medication class

59 terms By tsulawang

Hemolytic drugs by therapeutic class

22 terms By Ellembee