Pharm Quiz 14: Hints for Matching Drug Names to Drug Category

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Top 200 Drugs, Name the Generic

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Brand Name Drugs vs. Generic Drug Names

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Chapter 2: Drug names & drug label information

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UNMC NRSG 332 Pharmacology Drug Name Test

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Top 1-50 Drugs (Name vs. Function)

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Brand/Generic Drug Names

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drug name training

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Immune System Drugs: Name only

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Generic Drug Names = Trade Names

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Top 200 Prescription Drugs - Name the Generic

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Boyev 2015 Heart and BP drugs: drug names and classes

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Hypertension Drug Names

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Generic Drug Name - Suffixes, Roots and Prefixes

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Drug Names

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NWTC Drug Names - Generic and Trade

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NWTC Drug Name and Indication

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drug names

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Drug Names 51-100

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Drug Names 1-50

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Respiratory Drugs: Name only

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Endocrine Drugs: Name only

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Generic Drug Name Match Game

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Microbiology Drug Names 2: STLCOP: 2012

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Brand Name and Generic Drug Names 2014

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Drug Names and Classes

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Drug name stem

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Drug Names

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Microbiology Drug Names 1: STLCOP: 2012

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LARE Drug Names (Brand / Generic) - Pharmacy Technology

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Top 67-100 Drugs, Name the Generic

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Top 200 Drugs, Name the Generic

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Commercial Drug-Names (Williams)

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Drug names

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AEMT Drugs / Name & Class

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Endocrine Drug Names

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Drug Names

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Pharmacology Drug Names

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Drug Names and Actions

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Top 200 Drugs: Names, Class, Indication, Form

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Drug names

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Pharmacology Drug Names (Trade Names) Ch 7-9, 16

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Dantes/DSST Substance Abuse: Antidepressants/Neurotransmitters/Drug Names

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IT exam3 HTN drug names

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EGM Community Test 1 Drug names

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Drug Names #1

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Cardiac / Urinary System Drug Names (generic, trade, type)

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Brand/generic drug names - cardiovascular

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Drug Names Course Master List

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Top 200 Prescription Drug Names

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