Fall 2015 Drug quiz #2

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OCN Review-Drugs for diseases

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Quinolones and other UTI drugs

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GIT Drugs

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200 drugs

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Top 200 Perscription Drugs - Mosby's Review for the PTCB

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All Drugs Covered in First Aid

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General - Antidotes to Drug OD/Poisoning

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Physiology Pre-Unified Drugs

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Drug word stems

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Pharma - Drug reactions

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Pharm. CH 35 Drugs for HIV/AIDS

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Top 300 Drugs (Brand, Generic)

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USMLE Drug Review

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Cardiovascular 2 (Category)

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prototype drugs: actions and uses ch13-17

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Cardiovascular 2 (Generic & Brand)

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drug set

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Genetic Diseases + Drugs

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Top Drugs - Block A

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prototype drugs: pharmacologic class ch13-17

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prototype drugs: therapeutic class

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maternity/ ob drugs

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Med/Surg B Endocrine Drugs

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Drug Delivery Systems

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prototype drug ch13-17

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Pharm TC1 Drugs

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Generic name to Therapeutic Class

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Chapter 5: Chemotherapeutic Drugs

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Drug Regulation (Chp. 3)

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prototype drugs ch13

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Routes of Drug Administration and Dosage Formulations

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Drug quiz 5

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Respiratory, Urinary System and Cardiovascular Drugs/Muscle Relaxants, Nonnarcotic Analgesics, Hormo…

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Antibiotics, Antifungals, and Antivirals/Anesthetics, Narcotic Pain Relievers, Psychiatric Drugs, an…

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Drug Classifications by Prefixes and Suffixes

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Pharm Drug Dosage Rules & Obj 1-5

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Drug Regulation

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Adverse Effects & Drug Interactions

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Drug List 2

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ATI Mental Health - Psychopharmacological Therapies

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Drugs/Behavior ch-2

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Set 1 of 62 Drugs

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Pharmacology for Nursing- Cardiovascular Drugs

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ATI Mental Health - Drugs

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Generic / Brand - CNS Agents: Analgesics (NSAIDS, Opioids, Hypnotics, Anti-migraine)

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Rheumatologic Drugs

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Generic Drug Suffix, Roots, and Prefixes

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muscarinic drugs

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