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Fall 2014 Block B Top Drugs

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HIV Drug Classes

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Antilipemic Drugs

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Top Drugs S16 Block A

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Week 6 drugs

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Drugs & Society Exam 1

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Antihypertensive Drugs

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Drug Quiz 10

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Antihypertensive Drugs: {RAAS Suppressants}

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Drug Development, Laws & Toxicity

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Drugs; generic & classifications. Prounounciations

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Drug classification cards

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2015 REMAC General Practice Formulary

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Antihypertensive Drugs: {SYMPATHOLITICS}

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drugs for pain..

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Top 50 Drugs-Nursing

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Drug Set2

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Drug list for Quiz #3

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Muscle drugs

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Top 200 Drugs

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Procedures and drug categories for bones and joints

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Cardio Drugs

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CH 80 Other GI Drugs

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Drug Midterm

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Pharmacology- Drugs

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Pharm Endocrine Drugs

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Respiratory Drugs

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Pharm Test 3 - antiinfective drugs

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Pharm Exam(1) Drugs for Lipid Disorders

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pharmacodynamics (how do drugs act?)

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Drug Antidotes

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Drug Design Quiz 1

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DAD II Exam 1 Drugs

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Week 4 Drugs for MS and MG

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IHD Drug Formulary: Monitoring Parameters

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Top 25 Drugs

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Drugs-Disulfiram-like reactions

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IHD Drug Formulary: Side Effects

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Adrenal Corticosteroid Drugs - Konorev

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Sympatholytic Drugs

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Anticoagulant Drugs

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IHD Drug Formulary: Doses

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Pharm 1 Heart drugs (anti-arrhythmia)

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Antilipemic Drugs (Drugs that Reduce Lipid Levels)

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respiratory drugs

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Drug Therapy for Renal Fluid Volume Excess

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Psychotropic drugs

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Pharm Exam(1) Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs (Heart Meds)

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