EFL: English Idioms

By Emmbath
100 terms by Emmbath

EFL: English Idioms

By Natrioom
100 terms by Natrioom

CHMS - EFL French Adjectives

By Senora-Z
34 terms by Senora-Z

EFL: English Idioms

By joyuuki
100 terms by joyuuki

EFL: English Idioms

By Nevis468
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EFL 7th Colors French

By glamy
11 terms by glamy

EFL: English Idioms

By aswath_prakasam
100 terms by aswath_prakasam

EFL French Classroom Objects

By glamy
18 terms by glamy

CHMS EFL French 1

By SenoraZ
38 terms by SenoraZ

English EFL - Woodlands

By valedelagarza
118 terms by valedelagarza

Unit 5 The role of culture in EFL (English as a foreign language)

By Bruce_TarltonTEACHER
21 terms by Bruce_TarltonTEACHER

EFL Latin Final Trimester Test -- Vocabulary Latin/English

By namsrofTEACHER
59 terms by namsrofTEACHER

French to English

By Zoey17Redbird
14 terms by Zoey17Redbird

French to English

By mrsgutierrez
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By amelie443
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French Weather (English-French)

By fbanguetandet
18 terms by fbanguetandet

french to english

By TideFan2014
20 terms by TideFan2014

Classroom (British English/French)

By englishplusTEACHER
25 terms by englishplusTEACHER

French Weather (English-French)

By MmeSmith405TEACHER
18 terms by MmeSmith405TEACHER

French to English

By Elphaba24601
25 terms by Elphaba24601

Technology Vocabulary (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
72 terms by jh1954TEACHER

English to French

By baconloverK
28 terms by baconloverK

French to English

By french_123456
9 terms by french_123456

French Vocab (French-English)

By mollykennedy99
114 terms by mollykennedy99

English to French

By jadentg
166 terms by jadentg

French to English

By kaitlynjonesmjcs
15 terms by kaitlynjonesmjcs


By juan_carlos531
10 terms by juan_carlos531

French - English Cognates

By MmeNeumannTEACHER
32 terms by MmeNeumannTEACHER

Colors- English to French

By lorirue
14 terms by lorirue

Employment Vocabulary (English-French)

By jh1954TEACHER
113 terms by jh1954TEACHER

Education Vocabulary (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
104 terms by jh1954TEACHER

Food --> French-English

By AshTree10
20 terms by AshTree10

French: Furniture (French-English)

By Mrs_V_Ross
17 terms by Mrs_V_Ross

Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French)

By GinaArmstrongTEACHER
18 terms by GinaArmstrongTEACHER

French- Greetings w/ English images-French

By WinterfloodTEACHER
24 terms by WinterfloodTEACHER


By Skovolski
154 terms by Skovolski

Classroom (British English/French)

By Palm_MarieTEACHER
25 terms by Palm_MarieTEACHER

English - French

By unicorn753
14 terms by unicorn753

Health Vocabulary (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
255 terms by jh1954TEACHER

Farm Animals (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
24 terms by jh1954TEACHER

English - French

By Marie1956
20 terms by Marie1956

English- French

By luissgarridoe
20 terms by luissgarridoe

French / English Numbers 0-25

By AlphaBest-French
26 terms by AlphaBest-French

Money & Finance Vocabulary (English-French)

By jh1954TEACHER
187 terms by jh1954TEACHER

Travel & Tourism Vocabulary (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
134 terms by jh1954TEACHER

English to French

By Elphaba24601
14 terms by Elphaba24601

French Words used in English

By kiwiprofesorTEACHER
13 terms by kiwiprofesorTEACHER

French and English

By heinzelarnold
9 terms by heinzelarnold

French Words in English

By lsmyth2TEACHER
26 terms by lsmyth2TEACHER