EFL: English Idioms

100 terms By Emmbath Teacher

EFL: English Idioms

100 terms By Natrioom Teacher

Unit 5 The role of culture in EFL (English as a foreign language)

21 terms By Bruce_Tarlton Teacher

EFL: English Idioms

100 terms By joyuuki

EFL: English Idioms

100 terms By aswath_prakasam

Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French)

18 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French Family Vocab

20 terms By frenchetc

First 50 Adjectives/ prèmiers 50 adjectifs English/French - Français/Anglais

50 terms By englishplus Teacher

950+ words in English/French - Anglais/Français

977 terms By englishplus Teacher

50 prepositions English/French

51 terms By englishplus Teacher

EFL- Phrasal Verbs:

202 terms By Emmbath Teacher

EFL Brussels B-L1 vocabulary

19 terms By MarieM77

EFL Latin Final Trimester Test -- Vocabulary Latin/English

59 terms By namsrof Teacher

Poisson/Fish English/French - Anglais/Français

26 terms By englishplus Teacher

Car/Automobile Vocabulary - American English/French

91 terms By englishplus Teacher

Les moyens de transport (English - French)

20 terms By Sipho_Zulu Teacher

NIO Int - Tina & Will (English French)p8

41 terms By Georges-Marie Teacher

Holiday Vocabulary A2 EFL

32 terms By catmorris27

OPD English/French, p. 26, Shopping/Faire des Courses

20 terms By Stephie_Marie_Barker Teacher

CHMS EFL French 1

38 terms By SenoraZ

French basic questions and answers English French

10 terms By modernlanguages8

CHMS - EFL French Adjectives

34 terms By Senora-Z

efl B 2 e 6

15 terms By abrogates

Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French)

18 terms By bbroussard

London EFL lesson 3: traditional style

8 terms By Evetts

50 English words the Norwegian EFL student should know

50 terms By frode_rustand

13-5 EFL Intermediate

18 terms By SenoraMead

London EFL lesson 2: famous places

11 terms By Evetts

Quizlet 2: D'Accord Unit 1A Ça va? Responses English-French

29 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

English, French, and Philosophers (FOR TEST 1)

22 terms By ellaarms

EFL Intermediate 5

23 terms By dawid_studzinski

London EFL lesson 1: parts of a city

6 terms By Evetts

Grammar ESL/EFL

170 terms By calla925

EFL Intermediate 1

16 terms By dawid_studzinski

EFL Low Int 01 Vocab Ch 2

20 terms By overmann

EFL French Classroom Objects

18 terms By glamy

EFL Final Exam

94 terms By williamconan

Info for polyglot flashcard sets (English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Urdu)

2 terms By CuriousM

EFL 7th Colors French

11 terms By glamy

30 Words for Business English (EFL) "Writing for the Real World 2"

30 terms By toyoally

2. EFL Terminology

10 terms By hoffentlich

english- french revolution vocab list

30 terms By bea12

House Vocabulary A2 EFL

17 terms By catmorris27

Classroom (British English/French)

25 terms By englishplus Teacher

efl mid-term test vocab02

57 terms By gla12so

Quizlet 1: French Greetings w/ English images-French

27 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

EFL- Phrasal Verbs:

202 terms By ferhat_sahin

EFL- Phrasal Verbs:

202 terms By tom1082000

EFL Intermediate 7

15 terms By dawid_studzinski

EFL Intermediate 4

13 terms By dawid_studzinski