EFL: English Idioms

100 terms by EmmbathTEACHER

EFL: English Idioms

By Natrioom
100 terms by Natrioom

EFL French Classroom Objects

By glamy
18 terms by glamy

EFL 7th Colors French

By glamy
11 terms by glamy

CHMS EFL French 1

38 terms by SenoraZTEACHER

CHMS - EFL French Adjectives

By Senora-Z
34 terms by Senora-Z

EFL: English Idioms

By joyuuki
100 terms by joyuuki

EFL: English Idioms

By Nevis468
100 terms by Nevis468

EFL: English Idioms

By aswath_prakasam
100 terms by aswath_prakasam

English EFL - Woodlands

By valedelagarza
118 terms by valedelagarza

EFL Latin Final Trimester Test -- Vocabulary Latin/English

By namsrofTEACHER
59 terms by namsrofTEACHER

Unit 5 The role of culture in EFL (English as a foreign language)

By Bruce_TarltonTEACHER
21 terms by Bruce_TarltonTEACHER

French Weather (English-French)

By fbanguetandet
18 terms by fbanguetandet

French to English

By Zoey17Redbird
14 terms by Zoey17Redbird

French to English

By mrsgutierrez
8 terms by mrsgutierrez


By amelie443
123 terms by amelie443

French - English Cognates

By MmeNeumannTEACHER
32 terms by MmeNeumannTEACHER

French to English

By Elphaba24601
25 terms by Elphaba24601

french to english

By TideFan2014
20 terms by TideFan2014

Education Vocabulary (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
104 terms by jh1954TEACHER

Classroom (British English/French)

By englishplusTEACHER
25 terms by englishplusTEACHER

French Weather (English-French)

By MmeSmith405TEACHER
18 terms by MmeSmith405TEACHER

French - English Rooms

By luc_wyn
20 terms by luc_wyn

French to English

By french_123456
9 terms by french_123456

English to French

By baconloverK
28 terms by baconloverK

Reflexive verbs - french/english

By MadameSgam
18 terms by MadameSgam

french to english

By Mame2000
80 terms by Mame2000

French Vocab (english-french)

By mollykennedy99
16 terms by mollykennedy99

French Vocab (French-English)

By mollykennedy99
114 terms by mollykennedy99

French to English

By kaitlynjonesmjcs
15 terms by kaitlynjonesmjcs

French: Furniture (French-English)

By Mrs_V_Ross
17 terms by Mrs_V_Ross

French to English

By epiceveny
278 terms by epiceveny

English to French

By jadentg
166 terms by jadentg

professions French - English

By luc_wyn
45 terms by luc_wyn


By juan_carlos531
10 terms by juan_carlos531

Colors- English to French

By lorirue
14 terms by lorirue

Weather (English-French)

By francophile84TEACHER
18 terms by francophile84TEACHER

Employment Vocabulary (English-French)

By jh1954TEACHER
113 terms by jh1954TEACHER

Health Vocabulary (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
255 terms by jh1954TEACHER

French- Greetings w/ English images-French

By WinterfloodTEACHER
24 terms by WinterfloodTEACHER

French / English Numbers 0-25

By AlphaBest-French
26 terms by AlphaBest-French

Food --> French-English

By AshTree10
20 terms by AshTree10

Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French)

By GinaArmstrongTEACHER
18 terms by GinaArmstrongTEACHER

Money & Finance Vocabulary (English-French)

By jh1954TEACHER
187 terms by jh1954TEACHER

French/English Colors

By hannah_gingrich7
12 terms by hannah_gingrich7

English - French

By unicorn753
14 terms by unicorn753

Farm Animals (French-English)

By jh1954TEACHER
24 terms by jh1954TEACHER

English - French

By Marie1956
20 terms by Marie1956

French Words in English

By lsmyth2
26 terms by lsmyth2