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Lesson 10 Cur, Curs Cour, cours

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CUR Vocab

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Latin Roots (21. Cur (Curr, Curs) )

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HOL_Root_013_cur - cour

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Cur "run"

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word study cur

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Secut, cur

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Cur to run

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Cur (cure, curs): "run"

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Cur & Gress

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Cur (Curr, curs) "turn"

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Cur (curr,curs)-run

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CUR (CURR, CURS): "run"

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Secut& Cur Vocab

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CUR - to run

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CUR (CURR, CURS): "run"

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CUR - to run

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cur "to run"

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Cur - to run

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Cur; gress Voc

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Latin: secut-sequ, cur

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Cur root cards

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sequ and cur

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21. Cur (Curr, Curs)

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21. CUR (CURR, CURS): "run"

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21. Cur (Curr, Curs): "run"

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Cur- Equ vocab words

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curr, curs, cours- run

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CUR (CURR, CURRS): "run"

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Vocab: Cur and Gress

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Chapter 17 - cur (to run)

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Words on the Vine-curr,curs,cours

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Flashcards for Haruka (/ɜ:r/ /a:r/ and /a:/)

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CUR (CURR, CURS): "run"

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Vocab cur gress ped

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cur gress ped Vocab

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Matter and Energy

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Vocab: Roots Cur and Gress

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cur gress ped Vocab

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Vocab SECUT and CUR

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5.21 CUR (CURR, CURS): run

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In the Running "curr, curs, cours"

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