31 terms By Evelyn_Rogel

EMT Chapter 18 General Pharmacology

146 terms By jlnovotny

EMT exam 1 Q's

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60 terms By danny_rojas4

EMT-B: Skeletal Anatomy

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EMT Chapter 10 Airway management, Artificial Ventilation, and Oxygenation

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EMT-B Pt. Conditions (All Info)

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EMT Chapter 1

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EMT Chap 9

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EMT Chap 5

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EMT chapter 17

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EMT CHPT 5, OBJECTIVE 5.8 (Structures, functions of body systems)

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EMT CHPT 5, OBJECTIVE 5.1 (Key Terms)

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EMT Chap 35

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EMT Exam 1

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EMT Chapter 7 A&P

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EMT Terms/Postions/Body Systems

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EMT Anatomy

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EMT; Medical

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EMT-B Visible Condition Recognition 01

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Advanced EMT- Trauma Assessment

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2015 EMT Basic Medication Recognition Reference

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Emergency Care: Chapter 1 - Introduction to Emergency Medical Care

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EMT Chapter 2 Workplace Safety and Wellness of the EMT

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11c French Mme Delgado EMT-géographie

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EMT; Trauma

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EMT Tactical

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EMT exam 1

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EMT Orange Book - Chapter 5

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EMT CHAPTER 7 QUIZ anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology

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EMT Chapter 28 Soft Tissue Trauma

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EMT Chapter 11 Baseline vital signs, monitoring devices and history taking

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EMT Chapter 24 Abdominal Emergencies

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EMT; Cardiology

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EMT-B Patient Assessment Quizzer

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EMT-B Bones of the body

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EMT Trauma Final

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EMT Basic

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EMT MOD 7 Chapter 35 Pediatric Emergencies

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EMT Ch30: Musculoskeletal Trauma

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EMT Basic 2015 Chapter 16 Study Questions

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EMT-1 Muscles, Bones, and Vessels (Division 3 exam)

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EMT Ch33: Enviornmental Emergencies

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