By naokuh
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German School subjects

By fraubutz
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German Vocab

By Allen-Amber
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Daf 2c Englisch Modal Verbs 1 Must / Can / Allowed / Should

40 terms by DaFProjektTEACHER

German Food & Drink: English/German glossary

By todonnellzfTEACHER
80 terms by todonnellzfTEACHER

THS German School subjects

By Yulia_Skripka
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Edexcel German School - Subjects

By Christine_Incles3
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German 5

By barnowl02
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German Chapter 5

By jamie_gazda
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By armir_jashari
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Nipher German - 6 (Greetings/Introductions)

By jacobgerman347
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German school subjects and opinions

By Yulia_Skripka
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A2 German: Immigration 1

By hymersmflTEACHER
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German 1 Chapter 4

By Rodney_Cole3
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Englisch Vokabeln November 2015

By MirjamMagdalena
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By AhnungslosTEACHER
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German 2 Verbs - English

By Erick_Urbaniak
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By aimee_sherrattxx
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9-German: Question Words - elkwv

By mrmartin-elkwvTEACHER
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Yr 7 German - Vocab 5 - School - Term 2 Week 4-5

By Frau_TchantchoTEACHER
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German Words

By Blake-Braldey
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By armir_jashari
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Stimmt GCSE German: Startpunkt

By Miss_Lengersdorf
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Describing the Family (German-English)

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
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Englisch Charaktereigenschaften

By mephista
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GCSE German School Subjects

By MrsKLawley
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DaF 2b Englisch Time of day / Days of the Week

35 terms by DaFProjektTEACHER

German I Year Vocabulary Review

By SCHSDeutsch
66 terms by SCHSDeutsch

Advanced Spelling List German Day 2015

180 terms by FrauSTEACHER

TBGS German school subjects

By tbgsgerman
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Countries and Nationalities(German 1)

By dsorme
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School subjects (German)

By gcubitt
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Edexcel AS German - Einheit 3 - Reisen und Tourismus

By stuart_howardTEACHER
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Das 9. Schuljahr past participles mit Englisch

59 terms by RAHAUSER3

A2 German: Immigration 2

By hymersmflTEACHER
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German Subjects

By Georgia_Wornham
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Describing the Weather (German-English)

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
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German 4 Vocabulary

By Liyah_Redfern
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Edexcel AS German - Einheit 1 - Musik und Mode

By stuart_howardTEACHER
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GCSE German Subjects part 2

By Thirskschool
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German 1 Unit 4- Die Schule

By fraupall
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German 1 Kapitel 4B

By laaksoj
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Year 9 German - Schule - die Schulfächer

16 terms by THWeidnerTEACHER

German 5

By js1500753
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German: Nouns 02

By mkrzalic
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German greetings

By WeinmannTMS
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german lessons

By bethansabine0303
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Englisch 6. Klasse

By HerrKalweit
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German Subjects

By HMS-2004
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