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Perfekt Deutsch zu Englisch (5)

18 terms By fraushertzer

TB, Words of Test 3, Bec Vantage, German/English

8 terms By MasterP1989

Verben und Praepositionen: Englisch-Deutsch

20 terms By aziarnik

CAE Vocabulary English-->German FEB2012

408 terms By computermedikus

Intermediate German wordlist, File 4

207 terms By yoloswaghipster

New Headway Intermediate Unit 7 German Wordlist

103 terms By jasmey

New Headway Intermediate Unit 6 German Wordlist

109 terms By jasmey

410 Vokabel Englisch

14 terms By eh119

New Headway Intermediate Unit 5 German Wordlist

111 terms By jasmey

New Headway Intermediate Unit 4 German Wordlist

114 terms By jasmey

New Headway Intermediate Unit 9 German Wordlist

155 terms By hansilsepp

Bec Vantage Number 4, Words of Test 1, German/English

19 terms By MasterP1989

Bec Vantage Number 2, Words of Test 4, German/English

15 terms By MasterP1989

Random German Words

15 terms By thornshadow17432

Nr. 4, Words of Test 4, Bec Vantage, German/English

14 terms By MasterP1989

Irregular Verbs German - Englisch

160 terms By goli611

Harry Potter #16 (English-German)

20 terms By ramonawi

cartoon analyse (english : german)

21 terms By nikolai_weidner

New Headway Intermediate Unit 11 German Wordlist

102 terms By hansilsepp

New Headway Intermediate Unit 1 German Wordlist

104 terms By jasmey

English irregular verbs past simple+German/Englisch irreguläre Verben in Past Simple+Deutsch

67 terms By mariajose_moralozano

Wie heißt das auf Englisch

12 terms By njstockman

New Headway Intermediate Unit 3 German Wordlist

137 terms By jasmey

Advanced Englisch

2 terms By MelP6

D3K3: das Fahrrad (Deutsch-Englisch)

17 terms By FrauCalvert

TB, Words of Test 2, Bec Vantage, German/English

10 terms By MasterP1989

blau 23: Past simple "to be" (English - German)

25 terms By rivella

CAE-Vocabulary, DEC2011, English<>German

690 terms By computermedikus

German 2 Final Part IV

3 terms By william_ahsing

TB, Words of Test 1, Bec Vantage, German/English

6 terms By MasterP1989

Deutsch nach Englisch Übersetzung

5 terms By Timididim

Tenses (German-English)

8 terms By jo-ann_schueller

Identical Twins: Words That Are the Same in English & German and the Concept of Similarity

97 terms By mahdi_ghanem

Zusatzvokabeln part 1 (english-german)

5 terms By sneakattack

Unit 3 !! english / german!!

5 terms By french-learn

New Headway Intermediate Unit 8 German Wordlist bis ascent-Aufstieg

75 terms By jasmey

Irregular Verbs Englisch - kathi

93 terms By FannyRad

Unit1: Skills: Vocabulary skills - Using a German - English dictionary

2 terms By Tizzie2000Girl

Zusatzvokabeln part 2 (english-german)

5 terms By sneakattack

TPR--The Colors in German

19 terms By blillskau

Unit 1: The world of sport (Skills: Vocabulary skills - Using a German-English dictionary

2 terms By kicohe

Weihnachten Deutsch Englisch

38 terms By Stephan_Rinke

German Trivia-Englisch und Deutsch

25 terms By Meg_Wilkins9

Englisch Charaktereigenschaften

94 terms By amy_freeman7

Englisch Verben

102 terms By Sanduuh

English - German Adjectives (A-L)

69 terms By fraeuleinh

English - German Adjectives (M-Y)

63 terms By fraeuleinh

English - German (Adverbs & Prepositions)

59 terms By fraeuleinh

Genial A1 Einheit 2 fünf verben Deutsch - Englisch

20 terms By greendog01

BEC Phrases for Writing German/English

57 terms By The_MrsC
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